Libertyville Invitational

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Libertyville Invitational
General Information

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Location Libertyville, Illinois
Year started 2013
Division C
Champion Hinsdale Central High School (2017)
Date Janurary 25th, 2020

Libertyville Invitational is a Division C invitational hosted by Libertyville High School in the state of Illinois. The tournament typically has between 36 and 39 teams. Top 5 teams in each event receive medals, but team trophies are not awarded in this competition and as a result, no team score is calculated.


Division C Results
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2013 1/26/13
2014 1/25/14
2015 1/24/15 33
2016 1/23/16 38
2017 Hinsdale Central High School Varsity (181) Neuqua Valley High School Varsity (182) Libertyville High School Varsity (203) Naperville North High School Varsity (220) Glenbrook South High School Varsity (238) 1/28/17 33
2018 1/27/18
2019 1/26/19
2020 1/25/20

Full Scores

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