Marie Murphy Invitational

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Marie Murphy Invitational
General Information
Marie Murphy Invitational is located in Illinois
Marie Murphy Invitational
Coordinates: 42°05′04″N 87°44′52″W / 42.084523°N 87.747863°W / 42.084523; -87.747863
LocationWilmette, Illinois
Year started2018
ChampionMarie Murphy Middle School
DateDecember 14th, 2019

Mary Murphy Invitational is a Division B invitational hosted by Marie Murphy Middle School in the state of Illinois.


Division B Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2018 12/16/17
2019 Marie Murphy Middle School Varsity (69) Woodland Middle School Varsity (122) Marie Murphy Middle School JV (164) South Middle School Varsity (169) Woodlawn Middle School Varsity (191) 2/9/19 23
2020* Marie Murphy Middle School Woodlawn Middle School South Middle School Wilmette Junior High/Highcrest Middle School Latin School of Chicago 12/14/19

*2020 results in the table only include Varsity scores

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