Mason Middle School (Ohio)

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Mason Middle School (Ohio)
Member of SO since 2013
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2016/18/19/20
Best state 5th, 2019
Best nationals Up-and-coming!


Mason Middle School is a Division B team that competes in Ohio's Cincinnati regional tournament. It is a perennial qualifier for the Ohio state tournament.

Lore: Mason Middle School is an upstart middle school team that was formed as an idea 3 years ago by the great Jody Nguyen and a freshman with nothing better to do. Astounded by this brilliant idea they ran around the middle school asking teachers to support them. They got nothing. Well, they did get angry calls from the middle school saying they were annoying, but does that really count?

Anyways, the next school year after Jody had been unanimously reelected the quite tired duo enlisted the help of an 8th grader who somehow managed to get done in 2 weeks what they couldn't in 3/4 of a year. GG.

Since its inception in 2013 (2 weeks before the state/regional tournament registration ended) Mason Middle School has practiced to an extreme degree the strategy of "clutch" whereby they refuse to study and then cram the week before. Although a lot of teams would say that's a great idea, the middle schoolers are finally beginning to realize that they errr... actually need to put in work to get results... hopefully..... and possibly not procrastinate on some very important builds...?

Results History

Year National Points State Points Regional Points
2013 - - 14th 431 3rd ?
2014 - - 11th 353 2nd ?
2015 - - 9th 275 2nd ?
2016 - - 9th 322 1st/3rd 68/112
2017 - - 15th 414 2nd 91
2018 - - 13th 377 1st/3rd 73/114
2019 - - 5th 239 1st/3rd 61/110
2020 - - - - 1st/2nd 41/59