Mill Creek Middle School (Kansas)

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Mill Creek Middle School, located in Lenexa, Kansas. We are in our fourth year of Science Olympiad. We are strong in Battery Buggy and Storm the Castle. Mcms.jpg


Mill Creek is located in Lenexa, KS. Our school colors are black and gold. we are the Mustangs. We are still a relatively small school with a small team. This year we attended the Southland,Pembroke Hill, and Platte City invitationals. We went to State in 2010 and placed 3rd in Disease Detectives and The Wright Stuff.Sadly, this will be the last year for the veterans who started MCMS SciOly. The new generation has been proving themselves worthy though, and the 8th graders will hopefully be able to pass the power down to the new generation. The team attended WSU State and placed 6th overall and 4th in the Large School Division. GO MCMS!

Meets Attended

Mill Creek attends the Southland, Pembroke Hill, and Platte City invitationals. We attend Regionals at JCCC and State at WSU.

Results 2011

4th Mill Creek Middle School has achieved 4th place at Kansas Regionals in 2011.
6th Mill Creek Middle School has achieved 6th place at Kansas States in 2011.

(4th place large school division)

Events Medaled in: Junkyard Challenge 1st, Bottle Rocket 3rd, Write It, Do It 3rd, Science Crime Busters 1st.

Honorable Mentions: Ecology 7th, Towers 7th, Ornithology 9th, Awesome Aquifers 9th, Solar System 10th, Can't Judge a Powder 7th.


The MCMS team had 7 facts on the back of their shirts...

  1. We let our knowledge out a little at a time. So as not to embarrass you.
  2. What did one MCMS Science Olympian say to the other? I'd tell you but you would not understand.
  3. Yes their heads are dimensionally transcendental. That means it's bigger on the inside.
  4. We like pi.
  5. When we say run, RUN!
  6. We are Mill Creek!

You'll know us from the bright green t-shirts!