Mission Possible C/2019 Tasks

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For the 2019 season, Mission Possible is expected to have a list of specific tasks that earn points if they are in the device and run successfully.

Articles in this series

The following is a list of pages pertaining to Mission Possible for Division C. Some of these pages may contain outdated information.

List of Tasks

Starting Action

Students must drop an unaltered Ping-Pong ball into the device, causing a standard, unmodified golf ball to move and trigger the next action.

Balloon Task

Students must use vinegar and baking soda to inflate a balloon so that the unguided balloon strikes an object at least 20 cm away from it, which triggers the next action.

Endothermic Task

Students must utilize a reaction, probably chemical, which activates the next task based on the reduction in temperature.

Effervescence Task

Students must drop two effervescent heartburn relief tablets into water so the reaction triggers the next action.

Golf Ball Task

Students must add water to a container to raise a golf ball located in the same container at least 5 cm so that the golf ball rolls out of the top of the container and initiates the next action.

Infrared Task

Students must use an infrared beam so a transmitter and receiver 20cm apart begin the next action.

Inclined Plane Task

Students must move an object with a mass > 500g at least 10 vertical cm up an inclined plane with an IMA > 2 before the object initiates the next action.

High IMA Pulley Task

Students must use a pulley system with an IMA of at least 3 that lifts an object of at least 500g 10 vertical cm before it triggers the next action.

Lever Task

Students must use the mechanical advantage of all 3 classes of levers in sequence before triggering the next action.

Screw Task

Students must use gravity to rotate a screw at least twice so that the screw moves an object at least 2 cm before that object initiates the next action. The screw must be marked so its rotational movement is clearly visible.

Coin Flip Task

Students must flip an unmodified US quarter airborne so that it goes from heads to tails before it triggers the next action.

String Task

Students must break a string or fishing line using electricity to initiate the next action.

Magnet Task

Students must remove a magnet from a surface so that a magnetic object falls due to the removal of the magnetic force and triggers the next action.

Ending Action

Students must raise an upright, unfastened 9V battery, and nothing else, at least 20.0 cm on a hard, flat, square platform with side length between 5 to 10 cm. The action is complete when the top surface of the platform and the battery are above the entire device and movement stops.