Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School

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Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School
Member of SO since Don't know
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2013-2017
Best state 3rd, 2017
Best nationals Never qualified

Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School is a Division B team that has won the Western Regional in Florida for 2 years in a row. They have improved their place at states every year since 2011. Morgan Fitzgerald was 18 points away from nationals during State 2017. Even though the team was bitter, Coach Scalia was very proud of their accomplishment.


In the instance that multiple teams from Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School compete at a competition, the best scoring team is shown.

Year Regional Points State Points National Points
2011 5th 119* 24th 597 - -
2012 4th 166 16th 422 - -
2013 1st 79 13th 403 - -
2014 1st 103 6th 313 - -
2015 1st 103 5th 238 - -
* In 2011, only 17 events were held at the regional competition.

Some info

-Our mascot was Asti Luff but the eighth graders already graduated middle schhol

-Wez be nerdz

-A motto that only Morgan kids will ever understand: "4 in the front' 5 in the back"

-We are cool kids

-Mr. Scalia is the coolest and best coach ever (don't fight me on this)