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Mounds View High School At a Glance
Member of SO since 2002
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2017 (Most Recent Time)
Best finish, state 1st, 2017 (Most Recent Time)
Best finish, nationals 2nd, 2014
Website Team Website

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Mounds View High School, located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, first competed in Science Olympiad during the 2001-2002 school year. It competed in the Bethel University Regional from 2002-2013 and began hosting a Regional Tournament in 2014.

Mounds View has won the Minnesota State Tournament 12 times, most recently in 2018, the most of any high school in Minnesota Science Olympiad history. At the 2014 National Tournament in Orlando, Florida, Mounds View finished 2nd, its highest national ranking ever.

Mounds View's feeder middle schools are Chippewa Middle School and Highview Middle School.


A dash (--) indicates that the team did not qualify.

Competition Placings
Year Place at States Place at Nationals National Medals
2002 16th -- --
2003 2nd -- --
2004 1st 42nd Designer Genes (5th), Dynamic Planet (4th), Physics Lab (3rd)
2005 1st 29th Fermi Questions (3rd)
2006 1st 38th Practical Data Solving (3rd)
2007 8th -- --
2008 1st 28th Ecology (2nd), Robot Ramble (6th), Flying Bird [trial] (6th), Junkyard Challenge [trial] (5th)
2009 4th -- --
2010 7th -- --
2011 1st 15th Fossils (1st), Remote Sensing (6th)
2012 1st 22nd Disease Detectives (6th)
2013 1st 7th Designer Genes (3rd), Elastic Launched Glider (6th), Rocks & Minerals (1st)
2014 1st 2nd Anatomy & Physiology (2nd), Boomilever (6th), Dynamic Planet (5th), Experimental Design (4th), Technical Problem Solving (3rd)
2015 1st 5th Air Trajectory (2nd), Anatomy & Physiology (3rd), Chemistry Lab (5th), Compound Machines (2nd), Experimental Design (4th), Forensics (3rd), Scrambler (4th)
2016 1st 10th Cell Biology (2nd), Chemistry Lab (6th), Disease Detectives (3rd), Electric Vehicle (1st), Wind Power (1st)
2017 1st 7th Anatomy and Physiology (2nd), Dynamic Planet (2nd), Astronomy (3rd), Wind Power (3rd), Electric Vehicle (5th), Optics (5th), Robot Arm (6th), Indoor Bottle Rocket [trial] (1st)
2018 1st 5th Forensics (1st), Hovercraft (1st), Disease Detectives (2nd), Fermi Questions (5th), Herpetology (5th), Materials Science (5th), Rocks and Minerals (5th), WiFi Lab [trial] (3rd)

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