Name That Artifact

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Name That Artifact
This event is an event held in the current season.

Type Inquiry
Category Study
Latest Appearance 2019
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Name that Artifact was a 2019 Division B "Oldies But Goodies" Event run at the 2019 National Tournament in which participants answer questions about historical artifacts. It was last hosted in 1986 in Division B.

Name that Artifact was run in both divisions in 1984 and 1985, and only in Division B in 1986.


The event is split into 30-40 stations, each with some representation of an artifact and corresponding question(s). Each team (of 2 participants) stays at a station for 1 minute before moving to the next station. Teams write their answers to the questions on an answer sheet given to them before the event starts, which is collected at the end of the event to be evaluated.


There are 50-60 questions on the entire test, and no question is weighted more than another question. Any given answer is either deemed "correct" or "incorrect," signaling that no partial credit is administered.