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About Us

North Austin Science Alliance At a Glance
Member of SO since 2014
Best finish, regionals 2016 (Most recent) -
Best finish, state 2015 - n/a
Best finish, nationals 20__ - n/a

North Austin Science Alliance (NASA) is located in the Austin, Texas area and has been a part of Science Olympiad since ...

NASA is a homeschool science enrichment team that competes in Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. We are a team of 60+ kids, and have elementary, middle and high school divisions.

Founded by Jenn Allen, this is a dynamic and progressive group that exposes homeschoolers to hands-on science and competition, and NASA maintains a

Our website [1]


Year Competition NASA A NASA B NASA C
2015-2016 Regionals N/A - -
(level) (place) - -
2014-2015 Regionals N/A - -
(level) (place) - -

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