North Pocono High School

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North Pocono High School
Location 97 Bochicchio Blvd
Covington Township, PA 18444
State FlagOfPennsylvania.png Pennsylvania
Region Northeast Pennsylvania
North Pocono High School is located in Pennsylvania
North Pocono High School
North Pocono High School
Member of SO since 2000
Teams 3
Colors      Red,      White,      Black
Feeds from North Pocono Middle School
Tournament Host North Pocono Invitational
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2014-2016, 2019
Best state 9th, 2017, 2018
Best nationals Never qualified

North Pocono High School is a Division C team located in Covington Twp, Pennsylvania. They compete in the Northeast Pennsylvania region. North Pocono has an active science Olympiad Team comprised of between 30 and 40 students, which is large for a school of only 1000 students.


North Pocono uses an open system for its team. Anyone can join the team and each tournament's competing team is determined by the 15 people on the team who are present who will serve the team best given the scheduling, their ability, and their strengths.

The North Pocono Middle School had a Science Olympiad team in 2012 and in 2013. The Junior High Team the team returned in 2019.


North Pocono started its own invitational for 2017 which is simply referred to as the North Pocono Invitational.


Results History
Year Regionals Top 5s Team Score States Top 6s Team Score
2010 23rd 3rd: Egg-O-Naut, Picture This 502 - - -
2011 9th 1st: Experimental Design
4th: Forensics; Sounds of Music
5th: Microbe Mission; Sumo Bots
264 - - -
2012 4th 1st: Gravity Car; Helicopters
2nd: Robot Arm; Write it Do it
3rd: Disease Detectives
4th:Astronomy; Rocks and Minerals
5th: Protein Modeling; Optics; Towers
160 19th 4th: Helicopters
5th: Sounds of Music
2013 3rd 1st: Water Quality
2nd: Circuit Lab; Dynamic Planet; Forensics; Gravity Vehicle; MagLev; Materials Science; Rocks and Minerals
3rd: Elastic Launched Glider; Experimental design;
4th:Astronomy; Fermi Questions
141 11th 4th: Water Quality 374
2014 1st 1st: Designer Genes, Entomology, Experimental Design, Forensics, MagLev, Mission Possible, Rocks and Minerals, Write It - Do It
2nd: Circuit Lab, Dynamic Planet, Elastic Launched Glider, Scrambler
3rd: Technical Problem Solving
4th:Chemistry Lab, Disease Detectives, Geologic Mapping
5th: Materials Science
76 10th 1st: MagLev, 2nd: Write It/Do It, 5th: Materials Science, 5th: Scrambler 319
2015 1st 1st: Air Trajectory, Entomology, Forensics, It's About Time, Scrabler, Write It / Do It
2nd: Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Detectives, Dynamic Planet, Compound Machine, Protein Modeling, and Wright Stuff
3rd: Geologic Mapping, Mission Possible
5th: Cell Biology, Technical Problem Solving
85 11th 1st: Bungee Drop, 3rd: Mission Possible, Write It/Do It, 5th: Scrambler 348
2016 1st 1st: Write It Do It
2nd: Bridge Building, Chem Lab, Experimental Design, Game On, Wind Power
3rd: Air Trajectory, Astronomy, Disease Detectives, Electric Vehicle, Protein Modeling, Wright Stuff
4th: Anatomy & Physiology, Dynamic Planet, Forensics, Green Generation, Hydrogeology, Invasive Species, Robot Arm
5th: Cell Biology, Geologic Mapping, It's About Time
80 10th 3rd: Write It / Do It
5th: Forensics
6th: Wind Power
2017 3rd 1st: Hydrogeology
2nd: Astronomy, Remote Sensing
3rd: Microbe Mission. Hovercraft, Ecology
4th: Experimental Design, Disease detectives, Anatomy and Physiology, Write It Do It, Rocks and Minerals, Ecology, Wind Power, Helicopters
5th: Electric Vehicle
127 9th 4th: Hovercraft, Hydrogeology
6th: Wind Power
2018 2nd 1st: Astronomy, Chemistry Lab, Disease Detectives, Forensics, Hovercraft, Materials Science, Optics, Rocks and Minerals, Towers, Write It / Do It
2nd: Anatomy and Physiology
3rd: Fermi Questions, Thermodynamics
4th: Mousetrap Vehicle
5th:Dynamic Planet, Game On, Herpetology
92 9th 3rd: Rocks and Minerals
4th: Optics
5th: Experimental Design, Game On
2019 1st 1st: Circuits, Disease Detectives, Dynamic Planet, Protein Modeling
2nd: Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry Lab, Forensics, Fossils
3rd: CodeBusters, Fermi Questions, Herpetology, Thermodynamics, Wright Stuff
4th: Experimental Design
5th: Boomilver, Designer Genes
104 14th 4th: Write It / Do It
5th: Mousetrap Car


Coaching History
Years Head Coach Assistant Coaches Event mentors
2000-2003 Stew Thomas - -
2004-2008 Madelyn Prosachik - -
2009-2010 Lindsay Croom - -
2011 Lindsay Croom J Croom Frank Torquato - Sounds of Music
2012 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Frank Torquato - Sounds of Music
Joe Serrenti - Sounds of Music
Mike Hricko - Building Events
Maria Pettinato - Water Quality & Rocks and Minerals
Maria Semidei-Barett - Forensics
2013 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Mike Hricko
Maria Pettinato - Water Quality & Rocks and Minerals
Madelyn Prosachik - Technical Problem Solving & Disease Detectives
2014 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Mike Hricko
Maria Pettinato - Entomology, Water Quality & Rocks and Minerals
Madelyn Prosachik - Designer Genes & Forensics
2015 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Mike Hricko
Megan Arvonio - Protein Modeling
Dawne Scheller - Chemistry Lab
Maria Pettinato - Green Generation & Cell Biology
Maria Semidei Barrett- Technical Problem Solving
2016 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Mike Hricko
Doug Mallas - Anatomy & Game On
Kara Stanton - Cell Bio & Invasive Species
Maria Pettinato - Green Generation, Hydrogeology, & Geologic Mapping
2017 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Doug Mallas
Kara Stanton
Dawne Scheller - Chemistry Lab
Mike Hricko - Hovercraft
Maria Pettinato - Hydrogeology
2018 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Doug Mallas
Kara Stanton
Dawne Scheller - Chemistry Lab & Material Science
Nathan Jones - Hovercraft
2019 Lindsay Croom J Croom
Doug Mallas
Kara Stanton
Ellen Raguckas (JH)
Mallory Mokay (JH)
Sue Bendinsky- Chemistry Lab
Trevor Pawlik - Water Quality
Spencer Austin - Circuit Lab
Maria Pettinato - Water Quality

All Dates including awards and coaching are for the competition year, not the school year. That is the year is based on March of the school year, not September.