North Quincy High School

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North Quincy High School
Member of SO since 2010
Results History
Best regional none
Best state 8th, 2011
Best nationals never been

North Quincy High School Website

History and Info

North Quincy High School is located in Quincy, Massachusetts. NQHS is one of two high schools in Quincy and contains students in grades 9-12. There are around 350-400 students in each class.

North Quincy High started their Science Olympiad Team in the 2009-2010 school year. There was originally a very large turnout in the beginning, but as the year progressed, many people became inactive or quit. The team hit a very low point when there would be no meetings for weeks on end. However, during the last two weeks before competition, there were meetings every day, working late hours, including staying till 8PM the night before competition. The next day, half of the team took the MBTA Commuter Rail to competition and walked 2 miles to competition due to lack of bus, while carrying all the building event contraptions.

However, they proved to be a strong rookie team, placing the highest in 21st, as well as medaling in Experimental Design, ribboning in Astronomy, and placing in a few other events. The team was soon highly motivated once more and was ready to go into the next year.

State Competition Results

In 2010, the team was able to place in many events, as well as fail in a few others. Gabe, Jaclyn, and Kevin placed 3rd in Experimental Design with only one or two previous practice sessions. Sam, placed in at the last minute, along with Bonita, finished 6th in Astronomy. Brenda, another last minute contender, and Alice, placed 8th in Ecology.

Many of the building events came out much better than the team planned. Luke's last minute Mousetrap Vehicle gave the team an 11th place finish in that event. Ossama and Jay, with amazing skills, if they had impounded anything for the event, would have placed 4th in It's About Time. As well, if there were slight modifications to change the bridge, Sam and Ossama would have won the Elevated Bridge event, as it held 17 kg in competition and was as light as a feather.


Year States Points
2010 21st 412
2011 8th 297
2012 27th 529
2013 17th 412
2014 18th 431
2015 33rd 678
2016 39th 890
2017 40th 879
2018 40th 834

Individual Event Results

2010 State Competition
Event Place
Anatomy and Physiology 19
Astronomy 6
Cell Biology 11
Chemistry Lab 21
Disease Detectives 24
Dynamic Planet 28
Ecology 8
Elevated Bridge 25
Environmental Chemistry 23
Experimental Design 3
Forensics 15
Fossils 19
It's About Time 20
Mission Possible 41
Mousetrap Vehicle 11
Physics Lab 19
Remote Sensing 18
Technical Problem Solving 28
Trajectory 41
Write It/Do It 32
Total: 412
2010 State Competition (Alternate Events)
Event Place
Circuit Lab 41
Nuclear Science Lab 41
Food Chemistry 41
Egg-O-Naut 41
Picture This 41
Ornithology 24
Total: 229