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General Information
Member of SO since
Total teams 310
Division B Champion Solon Middle School
Division C Champion Solon High School
State Tournament Location Ohio State University
Website https://ohso.osu.edu/


Ohio has been a powerhouse in Science Olympiad for the past decade. Overall, Ohio can claim 8 Division B national titles (2008-2013, 2015, 2018), all from Solon Middle School. Ohio can also claim 6 Division C national titles (1998, 2009-2013), two from Centerville High School and four from Solon High School.

This state has many invitationals held throughout the year at various high schools along with the Regional and State competitions. Traditionally strong division C teams include Centerville High School, Mason High School, Solon High School, and Mentor High School. Traditionally strong division B teams include Tower Heights Middle School, Magsig Middle School, Piqua Junior High School (formerly Bennett Junior High School), Solon Middle School, Chardon Middle School, and the Mentor Schools (Memorial Middle School and Shore Middle School).

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Scores at the state competition may be shown in parentheses. National championship teams are marked in bold.

Season Division B Division C
Champion Runner-Up Third Place Champion Runner-Up Third Place
Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team
1986 Centerville High School 9th Findlay Senior High School 16th
1987 Urbana Junior High School? 21st Everts Junior High School? 33rd Centerville High School 6th Findlay Senior High School 8th
1988 Nordonia Middle School? 7th Kimpton Middle School? 10th Centerville High School 12th Edison High School 32nd
1989 Nordonia Middle School? 4th Centerville High School 6th Beavercreek High School 22nd
1990 Kimpton Middle School? 14th Beavercreek High School 17th Centerville High School 7th
1991 Bennett Junior High School? 5th Kimpton Middle School? 9th Beavercreek High School 11th Kettering Fairmont High School 4th
1992 Bennett Junior High School? 6th Kimpton Middle School? 21st Centerville High School 3rd Kettering Fairmont High School 4th
1993 Bennett Junior High School? 7th Alexander Junior High School? 23rd Centerville High School 6th Sylvania Southview High School 13th
1994 Bennett Junior High School? 11th Alexander Junior High School? 20th Centerville High School 14th Sylvania Southview High School 9th
1995 Perry Middle School 33rd Bennett Junior High School 25th Solon High School 26th Centerville High School 5th
1996 Bennett Junior High School 16th Taft Middle School 26th Sylvania Southview High School 30th Solon High School 4th
1997 Solon Middle School 26th Grandview Heights Middle School 16th Solon High School 7th Centerville High School 9th
1998 Bennett Junior High School? 8th Magsig Middle School? 22nd Centerville High School 6th Solon High School 1st
1999 Magsig Middle School 8th Solon Middle School 11th Centerville High School 2nd Solon High School 10th
2000 Piqua Junior High School 8th Magsig Middle School 10th Centerville High School 2nd Solon High School 5th
2001 Magsig Middle School 4th Piqua Junior High School 6th Centerville High School 3rd Solon High School 7th
2002 Piqua Junior High School 10th Chardon Middle School 13th Solon High School 3rd Northmont High School 19th
2003 Chardon Middle School 10th Piqua Junior High School 12th Centerville High School 5th Solon High School 2nd
2004 Solon Middle School 5th Magsig Middle School 11th Centerville High School 6th Solon High School 5th
2005 Piqua Junior High School 15th Solon Middle School 4th Centerville High School 4th Solon High School 8th
2006 Solon Middle School (130) 3rd Chardon Middle School (131) 5th Centerville High School (112) 3rd Solon High School (144) 8th
2007 Chardon Middle School (98) 7th Magsig Middle School (98) 6th Centerville High School (82) 2nd Mentor High School (117) 5th
2008 Magsig Middle School (102) 3rd Solon Middle School (128) 1st Centerville High School (89) 3rd Solon High School (91) 2nd
2009 Solon Middle School (73) 1st Chardon Middle School (164) 14th Centerville High School (100) 1st Mentor High School (126) 7th
2010 Solon Middle School (88) 1st Magsig Middle School (128) 6th Solon High School (78) 3rd Centerville High School (107) 1st
2011 Solon Middle School (69) 1st Magsig Middle School (98) 5th Centerville High School (76) 2nd Solon High School (92) 1st
2012 Solon Middle School (82) 1st Magsig Middle School (117) 9th Solon High School (68) 1st Centerville High School (75) 4th
2013 Solon Middle School (51) 1st Memorial Middle School (129) 6th Solon High School (52) 1st Centerville High School (75) 5th
2014 Solon Middle School (86) 5th Magsig Middle School (119) 7th Solon High School (73) 5th Centerville High School (78) 12th
2015 Solon Middle School (64) 1st Memorial Middle School (161) 23rd Centerville High School (101) 4th Mentor High School (108) 15th
2016 Solon Middle School (109) 5th Magsig Middle School (131) 6th Solon High School (106) 7th Centerville High School (111) 5th
2017 Tower Heights Middle School (95) 17th Solon Middle School (106) 3rd Mentor High School (89) 14th Solon High School (95) 3rd
2018 Solon Middle School (66) 1st Tower Heights Middle School (112) 14th Mason High School (79) 2nd Solon High School (83) 4th
2019 Solon Middle School (58) 2nd Tower Heights Middle School (138) 18th Solon High School (77) 2nd Mason High School (85) 4th
2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak


Any detailed descriptions of each competition may be made here. Dates listed are the most recent dates available.


Division B

New Albany Invitational - February 22nd, 2020
Northmont Invitational - January 18th, 2020
Seton Catholic Invitational - November 23rd, 2019 Cancelled.
Magsig Invitational (defunct) - January 23rd, 2016
Maysville Invitational (defunct) - February 18th, 2012
Ridgeville Invitational (defunct) - February 14th, 2009
Roseville Invitational (defunct) - February 21st, 2009
Saint Ignatius Invitational (defunct) - November 18th, 2017
Skyvue Invitational - January 29th, 2011

Division C

Case Western Reserve University Invitational - January 25th, 2020
Piqua Invitational - February 15th, 2020
Thomas Worthington Invitational - January 11th, 2020
University of Cincinnati Invitational - January 18th, 2020
Pickerington Invitational (defunct) - January 23rd, 2010

Both Divisions

Centerville Invitational - February 8th, 2020
Kenston Invitational - January 18th, 2020
Mentor Invitational - February 22nd, 2020
Northview Invitational - December 7th, 2019
Solon Invitational - February 1st, 2020
Southview Invitational - February 8th, 2020
Westlake Invitational - January 18th, 2020
West Liberty-Salem Invitational - March 7th, 2020
Clearview Invitational (defunct) - January 24th, 2015
Wright State Invitational (defunct) - January 28th, 2017

Regional Competitions

Main article: Regions of Ohio

Red pog.svg St. Ignatius High School

Red pog.svg John Carroll University

Red pog.svg Bowling Green State University

Red pog.svg Piqua High School

Red pog.svg Xavier University

Red pog.svg Grandview Heights High School

Red pog.svg Marietta College

Red pog.svg University of Akron

Region 1: Northwest Region

John Carroll University

Region 2: Western Region

Piqua High School

Region 3: Eastern Region

University of Akron

Region 4: Northern Region

St. Ignatius High School

Region 5: Southwestern Region

Xavier University

Region 6: Central Region

Grandview Heights High School

Region 7: Southeastern Region

Marietta College

Region 8: Northeastern Region

Bowling Green State University
Region 1: Northeastern (John Carroll University) - February 29th, 2020
Region 2: Western (Piqua High School and Junior High School) - March 21st, 2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.
Region 3: Eastern (University of Akron, 24-team limit per division) - March 14th, 2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.
Region 4: Northern (St. Ignatius High School) - February 29th, 2020
Region 5: Southwestern (Xavier University) - March 7th, 2020
Region 6: Central (Grandview Heights High School) - March 14th, 2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.
Region 7: Southeastern (Marietta College, No team limit) - March 7th, 2020
Region 8: Northwestern (Bowling Green State University) - February 29th, 2020

State Competition

Ohio State University - April 25th, 2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.

Past State Tournament Results

Note: all of the following are combined B and C scoresheets.


Division B Teams

Case Western Reserve University Region

Beachwood Middle School
Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School
Chardon Middle School
Kenston Middle School
Mayfield Middle School
Memorial Middle School
Ridge Middle School
Shore Middle School
Solon Middle School
St. Gregory the Great
Urban Community School

Piqua Region

Hadley E. Watts Middle School
Holy Angels
Magsig Middle School
Northmont Middle School
Tower Heights Middle School
West Liberty Salem Middle School

Akron Region

Central Christian Middle School
Copley-Fairlawn Middle School
Coshocton Middle School
Hudson Middle School (Ohio)
Newcomerstown Middle School
Nordonia Hills Middle School
Oakwood Middle School
Orrville Middle School
Our Lady of the Elms Middle School
Revere Middle School
Rittman Middle School
Seton Catholic
St. Barnabas
St. Sebastian

Lorain Region

A.I. Root Middle School
Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School
Claggett Middle School
Rocky River Middle School
St. Raphael School
Westlake Lee Burneson Middle School

Northwest Region

Anna Middle School
Ayersville Middle School
Byrnedale Middle School
Elida Middle School
Fairlawn Middle School
Fairview Middle School
Fayette High School
Ft. Loramie Junior High School
Montpelier Middle School
Ottawa Hills Junior High School
Paulding Middle School
Robinson Middle School
Shawnee Middle School
Sidney Middle School
Springfield Middle School
St. John's Jesuit Academy
St. Peter and Paul
St. Pius X School

Cincinnati Region

Immaculate Conception Academy
Kings Juniors High School
Loveland Middle School
Mason Middle School
Milford Junior High School
National Trail Middle School
New Richmond Middle School
Ross Middle School
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
St. James of the Valley
St. Mark's Lutheran
Twin Valley South Middle School
Winton Hills Academy
Wyoming Middle School

Grandview Heights Region

Village Academy
New Albany Middle School
Columbus Academy
Grandview Heights
Canal Winchester Middle School

Marietta Region

Division C Teams

Northeastern Regional - Case Western Reserve University Region

Beachwood High School
Brush High School
Chardon High School
Cleveland Heights High School
Geneva High School
Kenston High School
Mayfield High School
Mentor High School
Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School
Perry High School
Shaker Heights High School
Solon High School
University School
West Geauga High School

Western Regional - Piqua Region

Archbishop Alter High School
Centerville High School
Ft. Laramie High School
Northmont High School

Eastern Regional - Akron Region

Archbishop Hoban High School
Aurora High School
Central Christian High School
Copley-Fairlawn High School
Coshocton High School
Crestwood High School
Cuyahoga Falls High School
Dover High School
GlenOak High School
Hudson High School
New Philadelphia High School
NIHF-STEM High School
Nordonia High School
Orrville High School
Our Lady of the Elms High School
Ravenna High School
Revere High School
Rittman High School
Stow-Munroe Falls High School
Western Reserve Academy

Lorain Region

Avon Lake High School
Amherst Steele High School
Bay Village High School
Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School
Elyria Catholic High School
Medina High School
Normandy High School
Rocky River High School
St. Edward High School
St. Ignatius High School
St. Joseph Academy
Westlake High School

Northwest Region

Anna High School
Ayersville High School
Bath High School
Central Catholic High School
Early College High School
Fairlawn Local Schools
Lehman Catholic High School
Lima Central Catholic
Lima Senior Progressive Academy
Ottawa-Glandorf High School
Ottawa Hills High School
Paulding High School
Shawnee High School
Springfield High School
St. Joseph Central Catholic
Start High School
Sylvania Northview High School
Sylvania Southview High School
Tinora High School
Toledo Technology Academy
Woodward High School

Grandview Heights Region

Westerville North
West Liberty Salem
Village Academy
Pickerington High School Central

Cincinnati Region

Archbishop Moeller High School
Carlisle High School
Cincinnati Country Day School
Edgewood High School
Lakota East High School
Lebanon High School
Loveland High School
Mason High School
McAuley High School
National Trail High School
St. Xavier High School
Sycamore Community High School
The Seven Hills High School
Twin Valley South High School
William Henry Harrison High School
Wyoming High School

Marietta Region