Parkland High School

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Parkland High School at a glance
Member of SO since Late 1980s
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2019
Best finish, state 10th, 2019
Best finish, nationals Never qualified

Parkland High School is a suburban Division C team located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They compete in the Central East Pennsylvania region and have recently begun qualifying for states. They are fed by the powerhouse Springhouse Middle School, which has qualified for the national tournament three times of their four total years of competing, and Orefield Middle School, which recently got 9th at PA states.

Although the school is recognized both in the state and the nation for their athletics programs, the Science Olympiad team is among various other clubs that are beginning to make Parkland renowned for the academics as well. The Parkland Science Olympiad program is run by officers and an advisor and serves as a place where students can come together as one STEMM-based student body, to learn about various science topics, ask questions, and communicate their findings in a competitive environment.

Parkland High School is starting to look stronger and stronger as they began to place in more competitions. In the year 2017, they placed in 3 events at the state competition and in the year 2019, they placed 4th overall at the Tiger Invitational, 1st at Central East Pennsylvania Regionals, and 10th at Pennsylvania States 2019, the best finishes that Parkland has had at regionals and states.

Results History

Year UPenn Tiger EPC Regional State
2011 - - 8th (73) 10th (321) -
2012 - - 8th (71) 7th (197) -
2013 - - 6th (65) 5th (174) 15th (432)
2014 - - 5th (62) 7th (226) 21st (463)
2015 - 23rd (463) 2nd (53) 6th (180) 14th (396)
2016 - - 2nd (46) 4th (158) 13th (394)
2017 - 14th (377) 4th (51) 4th (125) 14th (375)
2018 30th (636) - - 4th (169) 17th (422)
2019 - 4th (181) - 1st (99) 10th (342)
2020 - 2nd (137) - - -


The following users currently participate or have participated in Science Olympiad at this school: