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Although most useful in Rube-Goldberg type events such as Junkyard Challenge and Mission Possible, pneumatic systems can also be used in robotic events like Robot Arm.


A Lego pneumatic piston
Pneumatics is the transmission of force via air pressure from one place to another. If two syringes are connected by a tube filled with air, the position of one plunger affects that of the other and it is an example of pneumatics. Actuating a piston with air also counts.

A syringe
Two syringes that are connected by a tube filled with air constitute a pneumatic system.
A balloon can be inflated by a chemical reaction
If vinegar and baking soda are combined in an enclosed environment with a balloon attached, the balloon can be inflated to press on some object to trigger the next transfer.
Air can used to clean keyboards
An easy source of compressed air is an air dusting can. Read the label carefully and make sure that the propellant is not flammable. If it is flammable, it could be judged a safety violation.