Redmond Middle School

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Redmond Middle School at a glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2018-2019
Best finish, state 2nd, 2018-2019
Best finish, nationals N/A

Redmond Middle School is a Division B team that competes in Washington's Northwest Region.

Results History

Year Regionals State
2015 11th (229) -
2016 5th (147) 10th (224)
2017 3rd (120)1 9th (250)
2018 1st (59) 2nd (132)
2019 1st (109) 2nd (114)

1In 2017, Redmond competed at the South Central Region.

Redmond Middle School is very talented, its best event being Experimental Design. In Experimental Design for the past three years Redmond has been getting 1st in all regionals and invitationals, falling short only at state. The 2019-20 year is no different with RMS-Venus upholding Redmond's honor