Riley Street Middle School

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Riley Street Middle School
Hudsonville Eagle.jpeg
Location 2745 Riley St Hudsonville, MI 49426
State Flag of Michigan.svg Michigan
Region Region 12
Riley Street Middle School is located in Michigan
Riley Street Middle School
Riley Street Middle School

Coordinates: 42°52′15″N 85°51′54″W / 42.8709°N 85.8650°W / 42.8709; -85.8650

Member of SO since 2012
Feeds to Hudsonville High School
Results History
Best regional Medal 2.svg 2020-2022
Best state (9th) 2020-2021

Riley Street Middle School is a Division B team that competes in Michigan's Region 12. They are a middle school that feeds into Hudsonville High School. They can often be seen at the Allendale Invitational and the West Ottawa Invitational as well.

Past Results

Year Regionals States Nationals
2016 Unknown 26th (581) -
2017 5th 26th (652) -
2018 5th 28th (636) -
2019 4th 20th (564) -
2020 Cancelled due to COVID - -
2021 2nd 9th (182) -
2022 2nd (125) 12th (316) -

Event Placements

2022 Event Placements
Event Regionals Regionals Alternate States
Anatomy and Physiology 6th 9th 10th
Bio-Process Lab 6th 16th 21st
Bridges 6th 13th 12th
Codebusters 4th 8th 28th
Crave the Wave 4th 12th 21st
Crime Busters 10th 7th 23rd
Disease Detectives 4th 10th 1st
Dynamic Planet 2nd 14th 2nd
Electric Wright Stuff 5th 11th 6th
Experimental Design 3rd 6th 9th
Food Science 3rd 8th 12th
Green Generation 5th 8th 9th
Meteorology 4th 13th 16th
Mission Possible 7th 3rd 14th
Mousetrap Vehicle 3rd 6th 13th
Ornithology 8th 9th 17th
Ping Pong Parachute 9th 5th 14th
Road Scholar 6th 9th 10th
Rocks and Minerals 2nd 13th 8th
Solar System 2nd 12th 8th
Sounds of Music 3rd 7th 19th
Storm the Castle 8th 4th 13th
Write It Do It 15th 8th 30th
Pentathalon1 2nd 16th -
1=Trial event
2021 Event Placements
1=A rule change was unannounced to teams, the event was scored as a trial
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 15th
Boomilever 6th -
Circuit Lab 3rd 12th
Crime Busters 4th 20th
Density Lab 4th 16th
Digital Structures 6th 52nd1
Disease Detectives 1st 7th
Dynamic Planet 2nd 4th
Experimental Design 1st 15th
Food Science 3rd 14th
Fossils 2nd 8th
Game On 13th 8th
Helicopters 6th -
Heredity 2nd 10th
Machines 3rd 12th
Meteorology 4th 4th
Mission Possible 1st 10th
Mousetrap Vehicle 2nd 9th
Ornithology 4th 12th
Ping Pong Parachute 2nd -
Reach for the Stars 5th 25th
Road Scholar 4th 8th
Water Quality 4th 15th
Write it CAD it 2nd 9th
2019 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Aerial Scramble 1 N/A 11th
Anatomy and Physiology 6th 16th
Battery Buggy 2nd 40th
Boomilever ? 16th
Bottle Rocket 1 5th N/A
Circuit Lab 7th 34th
Crime Busters ? 36th
Density Lab 2nd 11th
Disease Detectives 4th 20th
Dynamic Planet ? 21st
Elastic Launched Gliders ? 42nd
Experimental Design 1st 20th
Fossils 2nd 13th
Game On 7th 35th
Heredity ? 37th
Herpetology 6th 30th
Meteorology ? 28th
Mystery Architecture 2nd 11th
Pentathalon 1 2nd -
Potions and Poisons 1st 12th
Road Scholar ? 15th
Roller Coaster ? 7th
Solar System 5th 50th
Source Code 1 - 51st
Thermodynamics 6th 30th
Water Quality 4th 26th
Write It Do It 8th 14th
1: Trial Event
2018 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology ? 11th
Battery Buggy ? 50th
Crime Busters ? 22nd
Disease Detectives ? 34th
Dynamic Planet ? 21st
Ecology ? 9th
Experimental Design ? 13th
Fast Facts ? 12th
Herpetology ? 39th
Hovercraft ? 34th
Meteorology ? 19th
Microbe Mission ? 38th
Mystery Architecture ? 6th
Optics ? 24th
Pentathlon1 ? -
Potions and Poisons ? 10th
Road Scholar ? 49th
Rocks and Minerals ? 13th
Roller Coaster ? 50th
Solar System ? 13th
Source Code1 ? 5th
Thermodynamics ? 37th
Towers ? 50th
Wright Stuff ? 34th
Write It Do It ? 50th
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2017 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology ? 32nd
Bottle Rocket ? 16th
Crime Busters ? 28th
Disease Detectives ? 38th
Dynamic Planet ? 33rd
Ecology 1st 2nd
Experimental Design ? 22nd
Fast Facts ? 29th
Food Science ? 37th
Hovercraft ? 31st
Invasive Species ? 33rd
Meteorology ? 23rd
Microbe Mission ? 50th
Mission Possible ? 35th
Optics ? 28th
Pentathlon1 ? -
Reach for the Stars ? 28th
Road Scholar ? 39th
Rocks and Minerals ? 35th
Scrambler 6th 16th
Source Code1 ? 13th
Towers ? 32nd
Wind Power ? 39th
Wright Stuff ? 18th
Write It Do It ? 18th
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2016 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Air Trajectory ? 18th
Anatomy and Physiology ? 24th
Bio-Process Lab ? 30th
Bottle Rocket ? 3rd
Bridge Building ? 16th
Crave the Wave ? 19th
Crime Busters ? 37th
Disease Detectives ? 24th
Dynamic Planet ? 25th
Elastic Launched Glider ? 31st
Experimental Design ? 30th
Food Science ? 25th
Fossils ? 25th
Green Generation ? 27th
Invasive Species ? 40th
Meteorology ? 26th
Mission Possible ? 8th
Picture This ? 39th
Reach for the Stars ? 31st
Road Scholar ? 40th
Scrambler ? 9th
Source Code1 - 16th
Wind Power ? 28th
Write It Do It ? 26th
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score

Invitational Tournament Results

Season Allendale WOSO
2021 Unknown 2nd (108) & 16th (247)