Rising Starr Middle School

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Rising Starr Middle School
Member of SO since 1999
Results History
Best regional 1st
Best state 1st, 2002
Best nationals 1st, 2002

Rising Starr Middle School is a Division B school from the state of Georgia. The team has qualified for Nationals nine times (1999-2006 and 2008). They are the only team to defeat J.C. Booth Middle School at the state tournament between 1992 and 2014, which they accomplished in 2002 before going on to win the national tournament. The team entered a period of decline after their national tournament win; they have not qualified for the national tournament since 2008, and failed to qualify for the state tournament from 2015-2017. However, in 2018 they won their regional tournament and finished in 11th at State.

Tournament Results

Year National State Regional
1999 22nd (4121) 2nd
2000 6th (5431) 2nd
2001 13th (493) 1st
2002 1st (290) 2nd
2003 4th (321) 2nd
2004 14th (468) 2nd
2005 17th (546) 2nd
2006 37th (739) 2nd
2007 - 4th 1st
2008 26th (603) 2nd
2009 - 3rd (159)
2010 - 5th (210)
2011 - 5th (200)
2012 - 9th (240)
2013 - 4th (169)
2014 - 8th (217)
2015 - - 4th
2016 - - 4th
2017 - -
2018 11th (307) 1st
1 The old scoring system was used in this tournament

National Tournament Medals

Year Medals
2008 Simple Machines (1st), Amphibians and Reptiles (2nd), Robo Cross (2nd), Tower Building (4th), Scrambler (6th)
2005 Naked Egg Drop (4th)
2004 Dynamic Planet (3rd), Storm The Castle (4th), Experimental Design (6th), Fossils (6th)
2003 Write It Do It (1st), Metric Estimation (2nd), Pentathlon (3rd), Road Scholar (3rd), Can't Judge A Powder (4th), Dynamic Planet (4th), Robo Billiards (4th), Fossils (6th), Mystery Architecture (6th)
2002 Weather Or Not (1st), Metric Estimation (2nd), Science of Fitness (2nd), Pentathlon (3rd), Life Science Process Lab (5th), Write It Do It (5th), Mission Possible (6th)
2001 Bottle Rocket (2nd), Science Crime Busters (3rd), Wright Stuff (3rd), Mystery Architecture (5th), Science of Fitness (5th), Dynamic Planet (6th)
2000 Battery Buggy (3rd), Reach for the Stars (3rd), Wright Stuff (3rd), Bridge Building (4th), Science Crime Busters (4th) Amphibians and Reptiles (5th), Dynamic Planet (5th)
1999 Mission Possible (4th)