San Juan College High School

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San Juan College High School
Member of SO since 2017
Results History
Best regional 3rd; 2018
Best state 13th; 2018
Best nationals N/A


San Juan College High School (SJC High School or SJCHS) is an early college high school situated on the San Juan College campus in Farmington, New Mexico. SJC High School is part of the Farmington Municipal School District.The school accepts students on a lottery basis and applications are received from prospective students in New Mexico's San Juan County, accepting students from its native school district, and surrounding Central Consolidated, Bloomfield Municipal, Aztec Municipal Schools, as well as private school and homeschool students.

SJCHS was established as the first early college high school of the New Mexico Four Corners area in the fall semester of the 2016-2017 school year. The school took part in Science Olympiad starting the 2017 season for Division C and is expected to return yearly.

Results History

Division C

Here are the Division C results since 2017:

Year Regional State National
2017 23rd N/A
2018 3rd 13th N/A
2019 23rd N/A
2020 11th N/A
2021 1st 13th N/A