Scarsdale High School

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Scarsdale High School
Member of SO since 2008
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2012
Best state 22nd, 2018
Best nationals N/A

Scarsdale High School (SHS) is a Division C school in the suburbs of New York City.


Scarsdale High School competes in the Lower Hudson region of New York Science Olympiad. It has also competed at MIT Invitational in 2019 with good results.


The SHS Science Olympiad team started in 2008 by Mr. Williams and Ms. Wagner (JW^2), relying on their previous experience at Tuckahoe High School. Team members often came from the district's Division B team, Scarsdale Middle School. The team competes New York's Lower Hudson Valley regionals. The officer team consisted of two Captains from 2008 to 2015. In 2016, the team tried a system of three subject-specific officers with little success. Starting 2017, the officers consist of a President, two Captains, a secretary and a treasurer. The team's main funding comes from the Carnival, a once-a-year event where the team sells Fried Oreos and Zeppoles.

The 2015 and 2016 season regional were greatly affected by senior members dropping in the last minute. Additionally, 2016 saw the Time controversy, when a technical error put the team's It's About Time score from 1st place to 25th. The team made a strong recovery in 2017, and is hoping to do better as the years continue.

Technological Changes

The team created a facebook group during the 2011 season. The team created a study group and started test exchange during 2017, later upgraded to a team drive in 2018. The officer team also has an official email, at


Year State Points Regional Points
2011 26th 774 1st
2012 31st 706 1st
2013 - - 3rd 558 (164)
2014 - - 3rd 547 (156)
2015 - - 6th 568 (211)
2016 - - 9th (318)
2017 34th 767 3rd 802 (141)
2018 22rd 592 3rd (167)
2018 1st

Lower Hudson Regional scores events as [math](\text{Total number of teams} - \text{Event place}) + 1[/math], Highest Score wins. The numbers in parentheses are converted to the NSO scale. Furthermore, teams are allowed to drop events prior to 2017.