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Science Bowl
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Science Bowl was a trial event run in both Division B and Division C at the 2015 National Competition. It was last held as an official event in the 1995 season.

Despite the similar name, it is different from the trial event Science Quiz Bowl.

Event Overview

In Science Bowl, each team will be represented by one student. There will be a total of 20 questions, which will be divided into 4 categories of 5 questions, the categories being biology, chemistry, physics, and history of science. Within the 5 questions in each category, one will be assigned a point value of 10 points, one 20 points, one 30 points, one 40 points, and one 50 points, based on the event supervisor's assessment of the difficulty of each question, with more difficult questions being assigned a greater point value.


Information about the subject areas can be found on the pages for relevant events, some of which may be found below.


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