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Discord is a (largely) text-based communication platform which operates much like a large group chat. Each Discord server features multiple channels, each designated for a specific topic. has an active server with the details for connection and chatroom rules below. Please read these rules before connecting.

Connecting to Discord

The Discord can be accessed via an invite link, such as the link below.

When joining, whether or not you have used Discord before, it is advisable that you pick your username, if you have an account. Please be warned that offensive nicknames will not be tolerated. Instructions for creating a Discord account can be found at the end of this page.

Click here to join the Discord

Server Rules

There are a few rules that must be followed on the Discord. Failure to follow these rules may result in a kick, and repeated defiance of these rules will result in a ban, the length of which will be decided by the moderation team.

  1. Treat all other users with respect.
  2. No profanity or inappropriate language, content, or links.
  3. Treat delicate subjects delicately. When discussing religion, politics, instruments, or other similar topics, please remain objective and avoid voicing strong opinions.
  4. Do not spam or flood (an excessive number of messages sent within a short timespan).
  5. Avoid intentional repeating pinging of other users (saying another user’s name).
  6. Avoid excessive use of caps, which constitutes yelling and is disruptive.
  7. Never name-drop (using a real name without permission) or dox another user.
  8. No witch-hunting (requests of kicks or bans for other users).
  9. While users are not required to use their username as your nickname for the Discord Server, please avoid assuming the username of or otherwise impersonating another active user.
  10. Do not use multiple accounts within the Discord Server, unless specifically permitted. A separate Tournament account may be operated alongside a personal account.
  11. Do not violate Science Olympiad Inc. copyrights. In accordance with the Resource Policy, all sharing of tests on must occur in the designated Test Exchanges. Do not solicit test trades on the Discord Server.
  12. Do not advertise other servers or paid services with which you have an affiliation.
  13. Use good judgment when deciding what content to leave in and take out. As a general rule of thumb: "When in doubt, leave it out."

Also keep in mind the following general guidelines. These are not strict rules, but will be enforced if the need arises.

  • Only bear (bearasauras) may eat other users.
  • No invoking of raptors.
  • No using the word bae.

Basic Commands

Commands on the Discord server can be executed through the server's resident bot, User:Pi-Bot. To get a list of all the commands you can use, type a forward slash (/) in #bot-spam.

Commands that add "roles" (e.g. /states ..., /events ..., /division ..., /pronouns ...) make it so that when another user clicks on your profile within the server, they can learn more about you! The /states ... command also grants access to state-specific channels (e.g. #maryland).

Command Action Example
/states [state1] [state2] ... Gives the user the specified state role(s), granting access to the respective state channel(s) /states IL or /states illinois
/division [division] Gives the user the specified division role while removing any other existing division/alumni roles /division b
/alumni Gives the user the "Alumni" role while removing any existing division roles /alumni
/coach Gives the user the "Coach" roles /coach
/events [event1] [event2] ... Gives the user the specified event role(s) /events Boomilever
/ping [add / addregex / remove / list] [term] Setting pings allows a user to be notified when a particular word or phrase is said by another user
Command variants: Adds a ping term / Adds a RegExp ping term / Removes a ping term / Lists all ping terms
/ping add balsa
/pronouns [he / she / they] Gives the user the specified pronouns role /pronouns she
/wiki link [page] Returns the link for the specified wiki page /wiki
/profile [user] Gets the profiles of the specified user /profile Pi-Bot
/fish Feeds bear fish randomly: 80% chance of one fish, 10% chance of ten fish, 8% chance of zero fish, 2% chance of square rooting the total fish /fish

Creating an Account

You need an account to use Discord. For those with existing accounts that are signed in, the invitation link should immediately add them to the server. If you do not already have a Discord account, you will need to register a new one.

Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to enter a username. While it is recommended that you use your username, this will not be enforced. Do ensure that it complies with the site rules and our Discord rules! Once complete, click Continue.

A verified email is required to join the server. If you have just registered a new account with an email, you should then receive a verification email. Open the email, click the verification button, and you will be good to go! If you already have a Discord account that is not associated with an email, you can "claim" your account by linking it to an email. In the bottom left, click on the gear to access settings. There you will have the option to enter an email and password.

With a verified email, you will be able to access the Discord. You will receive a Private Message from Pi-Bot detailing further instructions on steps for receiving confirmation that grants access to the rest of the server's channels. This confirmation process helps keep spam out of our server and adding roles at this time helps other users get to know you better!