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What is is a website founded in 1998 by and for Science Olympiad competitors, coaches, and volunteers. We rely on community members like you to document competitions, compile event resources, and answer questions about Science Olympiad. For a complete history of, see

What are medals/how do I get exalted?

Exalted members are members who are recognized by staff for their significant contributions to and its community. Exalted members receive a special Discord role as well as a medal on their forums profile. There are many ways to get exalted, from making edits to the wiki, uploading images to our gallery, or posting frequently on the forums. Individuals who do other things that are important to the community like running prediction contests or developing scorekeeping tools may also be exalted. Everyone who contributes to helps to make it a better place, but being exalted is a way for staff members to say "thank you" to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions.


Can I edit the Wiki?

Yes! Anyone who signs up for a free account can make changes to the Wiki. You need to have an account on the forums to edit the wiki; you will use the same login for both parts of the site. Your contributions are how pages get new information, so if you're curious about how to make an account and start editing please read Help:Getting started.

What can I put on the Wiki?

The Wiki is an informative resource, so we try to keep our pages relevant to Science Olympiad. We have pages about individual Science Olympiad events, competitions, and schools which compete in Science Olympiad. The Wiki is not for hosting your own projects or spreading misinformation about teams and competitors. Every user has a user page is also available to customize and share information, but it's important to remember that the Wiki is an encyclopedia and not social media. For more information about what is and is not appropriate to share on the Wiki, please visit Help:Guidelines.

I'm not sure what to edit on the Wiki.

There are always pages to update on the Wiki! You can try visiting the page for your school or state to see if they need results added to them, or add details to pages for competitions you've attended. If you're interested in doing more, you can always visit Category:Needs Work to see a list of pages that can be expanded or cleaned up.


For more in-depth information on the Forums, see

What are the Forums?

A forum is an online message board. Individuals create "topics" or "threads", posts about a specific idea. Users on the forum can reply to these posts, starting a conversation. Though you may not get an instantaneous response to your question on a forum, they allow conversations to be organized and archived so that they can be viewed by users many years later. This makes them uniquely suited to our mission on, which is collecting information about Science Olympiad.

The Forums have several categories used to organize posts. We have categories for different types of events (lab, study, and build), a category for competitions, and a category for off-topic conversations. Some categories even have subforums which allow us to organize conversations even further. By clicking on these categories, you can view posts related to it. For example, to find posts about Forensics you would click on the Lab Events category. Each category has its own topics which you can view and reply to. In our event forums, each event has its own topic which you can reply to in order to ask questions about that event. In our competitions category, you may want to make a new topic about a competition you attended or a question you have about how Science Olympiad works. Both are great ways to use forums to learn about Science Olympiad.

Event and competition topics are archived at the end of each season so that they can be viewed by users in the future. This allows us to collect a wide variety of information about Science Olympiad. By posting on the forums, you are sharing resources that may be used for years to come!

How do I make a post on the Forums?

To make a post on the Forums, you'll need to have an account on Once you've made an account, click on a forum category. In the upper-left corner of the page underneath the title of the category there is a button labeled "New Topic". By clicking this, you can create a new topic in any category you'd like. If you're viewing a topic you'd like to reply to, the button underneath the title of the thread will be labeled "Post Reply". You can also scroll to the bottom of a topic to post a quick reply.

My post isn't showing up, help!

If you just made your account, your first post needs to be approved by a moderator before it can be seen by other users. This is done as a protective measure to prevent spam. Our moderators manually review posts, so it may take some time for this to take place.

What do the stars under my username mean?

Stars are awarded when you make a certain amount of "useful" posts. These are posts made in event forums, question marathons, or other similar topics. Posts made in "Off-Topic Forums" do not count as useful and will not increase your post count.

  • 1 star - Joined forum
  • 2 stars - 10 or more "useful" posts
  • 3 stars - 50 or more "useful" posts
  • 4 stars - Exalted members, 150 or more "useful" posts
  • 5 stars - Moderators and Staff Emeritus
  • 6 stars - Administrators and Admins Emeritus

Why do I see registered users like "Google [Bot]" and "Ahrefs [Bot]"?

Usernames including [Bot] on the forums are scripts called web crawlers that search engines use to record our site so that it can be searched. The forum recognizes them and gives them these usernames so they can be distinguished from actual users.

How can I add formatting like links or bold text to my posts?

The Forums use something called BBCode to format posts. For more information on BBCode, see


How can I chat with others on uses Discord for its official form of communication. By creating a Discord account and visiting [1], you can join our server and connect with others! When you join you'll be asked to add roles for your events, division, and other information. After that, you can access our many channels related to Science Olympiad as well as general channels to talk about your hobbies and interests. For more information about our Discord server, see

What commands can I use in the Discord?

A short list of commands is available on More commands can be viewed in the Discord app by typing a forward slash (/) into the #bot-spam channel.

Will you add channels for specific events?

Some users prefer to use Discord for communicating about their events. We have channels like #events to facilitate these conversations. However, the Forums are an excellent resource for having longer discussions and sharing resources on individual events. As a result, we like to encourage users to have these in-depth conversations on the Forums rather than on Discord.