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Illinois 2014 is widely considered to be the most hyped year of a state in recent history. This hype for Illinois 2014 is responsible for the Illinois 2014 thread on the forums being the last post of both the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Many people consider Illinois 2014 to be the spiritual successor of the fabled missing Illinois 2012 thread, which is believed to have been the longest state topic of all time, with over 1,000 replies.

Illinois 2014 has a very unique scoring method, with first place being awarded to the last poster on the thread when it is archived, second place being awarded to the second to last poster, and so on.

In 2015, the thread was sabotaged and renamed Indiana 1994. Additionally, an unspecified admin posted as samlan16 after the site rollover to make her the winner. Said admin failed to realize that his actions would not change the outcome of Illinois 2014 for that year and she would remain in 3rd place.

Year First Place Runner Up Third Place
2013 Skink Chia Zuul
2014 h2ogirl HeavyHitter406 Crazy Puny Man
2015 Unome Magikarpmaster629 samlan16
2016 bernard EastStroudsburg13 robotman
2017 maxxxxx samlan16 Person
2018 Anomaly Pb5754{} JasperKota
2019 amk578 NSCDS3RdCaptain dxu46
2020 CrayolaCrayon builderguy135 Nydauron
2021 builderguy135 TheChiScientist BennyTheJett

An Explanation

In the 2013 Regionals, States, and Invitationals forum, a topic for Illinois 2014 was created for a preliminary discussion shortly before site rollover occurred (site rollover is when everything is updated for the next season, usually occurring in August). The last post of the 2013-specific forums was posted in this topic, meaning that Illinois 2014 is displayed as having the last post of 2013 in the archived forums section.

The next year, when site rollover occurred (updating everything for the 2015 season) in early August, the last post in the 2014-specific forums was not originally in Illinois 2014. However, while the forums were being updated heavily in early September, someone somehow managed to post in the archived Illinois 2014 topic. This bug in which users could post in the archived forums was quickly fixed, however, the post in the Illinois 2014 thread was not deleted, meaning that Illinois 2014 is displayed as having the last post of 2014 in the archived forums section.

Now, this is quite unique, having two separate topics of the same exact name being the last post of two years. In 2015, it became an inside joke, even leading to the creation of a third annual Illinois 2014 thread.

In 2019, for the 7th annal occurrence of the thread, pikachu4919 had the last post. However, they posted after the rollover began, so only administrators and moderators were able to do so.