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This wiki page is about policies relating to content in media uploaded to For information on the copyright policy uploaded files must follow, see

Media on serve an important purpose of visually representing media. These photos can be helpful to competitors, tournament staff, or other members looking to learn more about Science Olympiad. However, when adding photos to, uploaders should follow media guidelines put into place by Science Olympiad, Inc. and

Science Olympiad, Inc. media policy


Science Olympiad, Inc. has a media policy in an effort to protect the privacy of those involved in Science Olympiad, keep the game fair, and regulate the use of the "Science Olympiad" name. All media uploaded to related to Science Olympiad should follow this policy, as is a website publishing the work. Media not following these guidelines may need to be removed in order to follow site rule 7.

If you need help, you are always welcome to contact a staff member about a specific file. media policy

A copy of's resource policy can be found at:


Main page:

All media uploaded to should follow the copyright regulations set in place on the site. For example, media uploaded should not be copyrighted unless a clear fair use claim can be established for the material.

Resource sharing

Resource sharing, which includes test trading, on should occur in specified places, including:

  1. The wiki
  2. The test exchange
  3. Special events such as

Outside of these places, students should not request or share test-related media.

At the discretion of a tournament director, some test sets may need to be removed in order to comply with specific tournament policies.

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