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Posting Games is an especially active category of off-topic forums in the forums. It has various games, and the popular Assassinator (or sassy) games series. All of these are open to user with a forums account.

Types of Games/Threads

There are several types of games you can participate in. The descriptions and general information of each popular game series are below.

Assassinator Game Series

Main page: User:Assassinator

The first game starting on June 17th, 2008, the sassy games date back over 12 years ago. Each game (thread) lasts about 1-3 months, and had a definite set of rules to enable all users to participate. One (or a group) or sassies get picked by a user who find the previous sassies' identity (or identities), and are given the password to the Assassinator account. They then form a game, with a distinct thread title, and make up clues and rules suited to their theme. Officers are then usually chosen by the first 5 people to post after the sassy, or by solving a clue correctly to take a spot. Then the sassy posts a clue to who they will kill in a few hours, and may even include a clue to their identity. The rules of how the games should be played are very flexible, allowing the sassy to make it interesting and to suit their taste.

Predict what the person below will be like

This long thread of posts is dedicated to exactly what the title suggests. You suspect what the person below will be like, while stating if the post above yours is true or false. Usually, when predicting, users type "TPBM", short for "the person below me" (assuming it's not a bot). This is a fairly simple and active game.

the WRONG answer game

This game enables users to think up the WRONG creative solutions and answers to a question a user has asked. Simply, you wrongly answer the question that is asked by the post above you, and you come up with a question yourself. Users have the freedom to come up with answers as silly as they want.

What's on your CTRL+V?

This thread does not require you to depend on a post that has made by another user before you. Instead, you just paste whatever's copied onto your clipboard. Most are out of topic, and it's just interesting to see what other users are up to.

The "Have you ever" game

In this game, you ask whether someone has experienced something, or tried something before. You answer the user's question above, which is usually in the "HYE" (short for "Have you ever") format, and then come up with a question yourself.

Corrupt a Wish

In this fun thread, you grant the user above's wish, but by twisting it into an undesirable result. There can be many interesting outcomes from wishes, so make one that's "corrupt". You also ask for a wish to be granted by someone who posts after you.

Think Different

Main article: Think Different

Think different! Use the internet and your logic to answer the ten questions asked by a user. But make sure that it's not similar to another person's response. You don't know other participants' responses, because they're sent through a Private Message. The rules of the game are described more accurately in each thread.

Strange Things You Never Thought You would Hear (With No Context)

Very strange things. Feel free to contribute some weirdness.

(insert number) Ways to get kicked out of (insert place)

This game is a thread of posts about what you can do in a specific place (mostly either Walmart or a Scioly tournament) to get kicked out. Anything appropriate is welcome!

What would you do if...

This game relates a lot to TPBM and HYE. Simply, a user above asks what the person who will post do if there has been a certain situation. Then, you think and try to answer what you would do in the situation. You must also provide a scenario for the person below you.