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Shortcuts are specialized redirects formed by abbreviated, usually all-caps, links. Any shortcuts to a page may have been chosen to be displayed using the shortcut template. Shortcuts are for convenience and are typically much quicker and easier than the full page name.

Shortcut Usage


Search bar

Shortcuts are able to be used in the wiki search bar. For example, to reach the SciOly and page, one could simply type SO:WPSS into the search bar, and initiate the search either through pressing enter on the keyboard or pressing the magnifying glass icon. The search bar is not case sensitive so so:wpss can also be entered.


Shortcuts may also be amended to the URL in the browser's address bar. The current page's URL is So, SO:Shortcuts may be used in place of The URL method is case sensitive, so the capitalization of the shortcut must be matched.


Currently, only namespace aliases that are automatically translated by the servers are used on

Prefix Target
Project talk: talk:
Image: File:
Image talk: File talk:
Media: File: