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The Staff are the administrators and moderators who operate New members are selected from active members who the current staff believe would be a helpful addition to the team. An exalt is not a prerequisite to becoming a staff member, although the majority of the staff have been exalted at least once.

There are presently 15 staff members, divided among four roles, each with varying powers: two Administrators, seven Global Moderators, two Wiki Moderators, and one Gallery Moderator.

All moderators receive five stars on their forum profile, one step above the four maximum for other users. Administrators get six stars. Staff members' exalted medals are hidden.



Administrators manage as a whole. They are marked in red text on the forums and Discord server.

Global Moderator

Global Moderators, often just referred to as Moderators, are primarily responsible for watching over the forums. Their usernames appear as green text on the forums and Discord.

Wiki Moderator

Wiki Moderators are tasked with maintaining the wiki. They appear in blue text on the forums and Discord.

Gallery Moderator

Gallery Moderators run the Image Gallery. They share the blue text with Wiki Moderators.

List of Staff Members

Username Profiles Position Additional Information
bernard bernard (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator
Schrodingerscat Schrodingerscat (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator
foreverphysics foreverphysics (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
Unome Unome (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
Person Person (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
pikachu4919 pikachu4919 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
Adi1008 Adi1008 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
pepperonipi pepperonipi (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
jaspattack jaspattack (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator
NeilMehta NeilMehta (talk · contribs · forums) Wiki Moderator
HugoTroop HugoTroop (talk · contribs · forums) Wiki Moderator
samy-oak-tree samy-oak-tree (talk · contribs · forums) Gallery Moderator
Jim_R Jim_R (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus) Co-creator of
Dark Sabre Dark Sabre (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus) Co-creator of
gh gh (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
SiegeLord SeigeLord (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
bah bah (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
andrewwski andrewwski (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
starpug starpug (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
robotman robotman (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
zyzzyva980 zyzzyva980 (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
iwonder iwonder (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
EastStroudsburg13 EastStroudsburg13 (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
fleet130 fleet130 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
eak227 eak227 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
ZekeBud ZekeBud (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
jander14indoor jander14indoor (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
rocketman1555 rocketman1555 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
RandomPerson RandomPerson (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
AlphaTauri AlphaTauri (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
Paradox21 Paradox21 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
Luo Luo (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
windu34 windu34 (talk · contribs · forums) Moderator (Emeritus)
John Richardsim John Richardsim (talk · contribs · forums) Wiki Moderator (Emeritus)
mnstrviola mnstrviola (talk · contribs · forums) Wiki Moderator (Emeritus)
Aia Aia (talk · contribs · forums) Gallery Moderator (Emeritus)
gz839918 gz839918 (talk · contribs · forums) Administrator (Emeritus)
Active staff are indicated with bold usernames.

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