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Jump to navigation Jump to search Superlatives (or simply Superlatives) is an annual event run on the forums, typically after the year's National Tournament. Users are nominated for certain categories, such as "Most Helpful" or "Best Userpage". The event was first held in 2011, thought up by users on the IRC. The forum was organized by Kokonilly, and users recommended categories for the first set of Superlatives.

The event typically occurs in two "rounds" - at first, users are nominated for each category. Nominations last for several weeks, and all users are eligible for nomination. Once nominations are closed, voting begins. All users nominated for a given superlative are entered into a Google Form, and voting takes place to determine who will win the superlative. Users are allowed to vote for themselves, but each user can only vote once per superlative. Once voting is closed, the nominee with the most votes wins.

This page contains superlative winners from 2011 to 2021.

Superlatives from 2011-2021

2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Best Administrator User:robotman User:syo_astro User:syo_astro (2) User:EastStroudsburg13 User:bernard User:bernard (2)
Best Moderator - User:Unome - -
Best Global Moderator - - User:pikachu4919 User:pepperonipi
Best WikiMod - - User:pepperonipi User:jaspattack
Best Gallery Moderator - - User:lumosityfan User:samy-oak-tree
Best Assassinator User:Paradox21 User:Assassinator User:Assassinator (2) User:Assassinator (3) User:Assassinator (4) User:Assassinator (5) User:John Richardsim User:Assassinator (6) User:Assassinator (7) User:Pi-Bot
Best Officer User:winneratlife User:foreverphysics User:Littleboy User:fmtiger124 User:JasperKota User:John Richardsim User:syo_astro User:waffletree User:SilverBreeze User:SilverBreeze (2)
Best Assassination Game - - Scioly Assassination 147: Memopolis Scioly Assassination 153- Scythe
Best Cult - - Dank Memes Area Homeschool MTV
Best Cult Member User:SOnerd User:SOnerd (2) User:SOnerd (3) User:SOnerd (4) User:Umaroth User:kh.aotic
Best Signature - User:SOnerd User:pepperonipi User:404ic
Best Thread Your Daily Random Comment Your Daily Random Comment (2) Your Daily Random Comment (3) Your Daily Random Comment (4) chalker, can I... Your Daily Random Comment (5) Your Daily Random Comment (6) chalker, can I... Your Daily Random Comment (7) Your Daily Random Comment (8)
Biggest Nerd User:aubrey048 User:winneratlife User:winneratlife (2) User:foreverphysics User:SOnerd User:SOnerd (2) User:Unome User:UTF-8 U+6211 U+662F User:ScottMaurer19 User:404ic
Biggest Procrastinator User:quizbowl User:quizbowl (2) User:quizbowl (3) User:kokonilly User:robotman User:bernard User:NeilMehta User:Anomaly User:Anomaly (2) User:twoplustwoisten
Biggest Troll - User:WhatScience? User:MitchinhoGray User:sAkEtH
Clumsiest/Most Accident-Prone User:Kokonilly User:Kokonilly (2) User:Kokonilly (3) User:Kokonilly (4) User:RMA User:bernard User:TheChiScientist User:Hello User:builderguy135 User:rachel12
Funniest User:bearasauras User:bearasauras (2) User:bearasauras (3) User:bearasauras (4) User:John Richardsim User:John Richardsim (2) User:John Richardsim (3) User:bearasauras (5) User:bearasauras (6) User:bearasauras (7)
Future Dictator User:DarkSabre User:RandomPerson User:RandomPerson (2)/User:robotman User:RandomPerson (3) User:Eaststroudsburg13 User:Eaststroudsburg13 (2) User:EastStroudsburg13 (3) User:EastStroudsburg13 (4) User:EastStroudsburg13 (5) User:Pi-Bot
Future Mad Scientist User:Paradox21 User:TheGenius User:Luo User:Schrodingers_cat User:samlan16 User:foreverphysics User:foreverphysics (2) User:TheChiScientist User:TheChiScientist (2) User:TheChiScientist (3)
Future Nationals Tournament Director/Coordinator User:gneissisnice User:chalker User:chalker (2) User:chalker (3) User:chalker (4) User:Luo User:bearasauras User:bearasauras (2) User:bearasauras (3) User:bearasauras (4)
Future Nobel Prize Winner User:lllazar User:Phenylethylamine User:Luo User:Luo (2) User:Schrodingers_cat User:Uber User:Uber User:lumosityfan User:Umaroth User:SilverBreeze
Head of Grammar Police/Biggest Grammar Nazi User:zyzzyva980 User:zyzzyva980 (2) User:foreverphysics User:zyzzyva980 (3) User:samlan16 User:NerdyTotoro User:Tailsfan101 User:Things2do User:Things2do (2) User:SilverBreeze
Least Likely to Have a Social Life User:winneratlife User:winneratlife (2) User:winneratlife (3) User:foreverphysics User:bernard User:SOnerd User:Unome User:Things2do User:Pi-Bot User:Tailsfan101
Least Likely to Sleep, Period. User:Kokonilly User:foreverphysics User:foreverphysics (2) User:syo_astro User:foreverphysics (3) User:foreverphysics (4) User:NeilMehta User:NeilMehta (2) The ENTIRE staff, collectively User:rachel12
Most Athletic User:Trajectoryroxs - User:SOnerd User:windu34 User:Giantpants
Most Creative User:FullMetalMaple User:zyzzyva980 User:FullMetalMaple (2) User:Sensei_Sushi User:Cherrie_Lan User:Assassinator User:LittleMissNyan User:Anomaly User:SilverBreeze
Most Dedicated User:DarkSabre User:Luo User:EastStroudsburg13 User:robotman User:chalker User:Unome User:Unome (2) User:Unome (3) - -
Most Helpful (Div B) User:chalker User:chalker (2) User:chalker (3) User:chalker (4) User:chalker (5) User:chalker (6) User:Balsa Man User:Balsa Man (2) User:EwwPhysics User:azboy1910
Most Helpful (Div C) User:sciolyperson1 User:SilverBreeze
Most Helpful (Div D) User:Balsa Man (3) User:bearasauras
Most Likely to Become a Teacher or Professor User:gneissisnice User:gneissisnice (2) User:gneissisnice (3) User:gneissisnice (4) User:Schrodingers_cat User:AlphaTauri/User:syo_astro User:syo_astro (2) User:syo_astro (3) User:lumosityfan User:gz839918
Most Likely to Sleep in Class User:winneratlife User:paleonaps User:quizbowl User:quizbowl (2) User:syo_astro User:NeilMehta User:NeilMehta (2) User:Paypog User:Paypog (2) User:rachel12
Most Likely to Write a Novel User:aubrey048 User:FullMetalMaple User:FullMetalMaple (2) User:FullMetalMaple (3) User:zyzzyva980 User:Fibonacci924 User:knottingpurple User:kate! User:kate! (2) User:kate! (3)
Most Musical User:AlphaTauri User:AlphaTauri (2) User:AlphaTauri (3) User:AlphaTauri (4) User:mnstrviola User:zyzzyva980 User:UTF-8 U+6211 U+662F User:dxu46 User:UTF-8 U+6211 U+662F User:bernard
Most Original Username User:gneissisnice User:gneissisnice (2) User:thehydrogenpoptart User:gneissisnice (3) User:Person User:Person (2) User:Person (3) User:Person (4) User:Person (5) User:Name
Most Painfully Intellectual User:winneratlife User:Schrodingers_cat User:Schrodingers_cat (2) User:Schrodingers_cat (3) User:Schrodingerscat (4) User:Schrodingerscat (5) User:Ashernoel User:404ic
Most Socially Awkward User:winneratlife User:foreverphysics User:winneratlife (2) User:SOnerd User:SOnerd (2) User:sciolyperson1 User:sciolyperson1 (2) User:SociallyAwkwardChild
Best Pet - - User:pepperonipi (Pi-Bot's pet human) Dio (User:kh.aotic's pigeon)
Best Wiki Page - - 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak
Best Userpage - - User:pepperonipi User:pepperonipi (2)
Best Username Overall - - User:Person User:Person (2)
Most Likely to Win LMMM at Nationals - - User:sciolyperson1 User:sciolyperson1 (2)
Wastes Most Time on - - User:sciolyperson1 User:sciolyperson1 (2)
Best Shoulder to Cry On - - - - - - - - - User:SilverBreeze
Best Scioly Season - - - - - - - - - 2022
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Users can add a Superlative "trophy" to their userpage using the superlative template.