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Templates are used for any repetitive piece of information that may found on multiple pages. They are commonly standardized notices, infoboxes, navigational boxes, etc.

A list can be found categorized here.

Template Usage


Unless specified, templates are called through transclusion using this syntax: {{Template name|Parameter 1|Parameter 2...}}. Transclusion is where the wikitext of the edited page will reference the template.


Substitution, most notably used for user talk page templates, is done through this syntax: {{subst:Template name|Parameter 1|Parameter 2...}}. Substitution will copy the contents of the template onto the edited page when it's saved. This is done for editing convenience as certain values such as the name of the user are able to be embedded into the wikitext.

Template creation

Generally, avoid editing or adding templates directly unless given permission by a moderator; you may experiment with templates in the Sandbox or in your own sandbox (e.g. User:EastStroudsburg13/Sandbox).

Common templates will often have meta templates which help with the creation. Examples include: Template:Infobox and Template:Userbox.