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The Think Different games are a series of games on the forums that anyone can host. The goal of the game is to give answers to ten questions that don't match anyone else's.


The current rules are as follows.

1. You have 10 questions that you try to guess a correct answer for.
2. The catch is that the goal is to get the fewest number of points. The way you earn points is for each correct answer you give, you will earn the number of points equal to the number of people who guessed that answer. So, for instance, if your answer to Question 1 is Thomas Jefferson and 3 other people guessed that answer, you would earn 4 points for that question (1 for yours and 3 for the others). If you get the answer wrong, you earn the number of points equal to the number of participants plus 5 points (i.e. if there are 13 participants, you get 18 points). The best attainable score is 10 points.
3. There are two bonuses you could use to replace an answer: DROP and SHEEP. DROP means you earn 1 point for that question. SHEEP means you earn the number of points equal to the answer that the most people answered. So for instance, if the correct answers were A, B, C, and D, and 7 people guessed A, 6 people guessed B, 3 people guessed C, and 2 people guessed D, then the people who said SHEEP would earn 7 points for the answer (your SHEEP doesn't count as an answer and doesn't affect the others' scores). You get only 1 of each bonus if you so choose to use them. It is advised that you use DROP before SHEEP. Again, using bonuses is not required.
4. PM me your responses by [date/time]. Any answers PMed after that point will not be considered.
5. Make sure not to cheat, please. Cheating is defined as letting other users know what your answers are before the deadline is reached. For this game, you may use any sources to find your answers (i.e. the wiki, Google, etc.).
6. Users can change their answers before the due date arrives, but after the due date, answers may not be changed.


# Title Host Start date Link # of users Winner
1 The Trial Lumosityfan 7/24/17 1 9 SenseiSushi and Tailsfan101 (tie)
2 The Return Tailsfan101 9/16/17 2 5 EastStroudsburg13
3 The Third one Froggie 8/2/17 3 12 Panda Weasley
4 I'm Back Tailsfan101 1/18/18 4 7 Anomaly and knottingpurple (tie)
5 Never Too Late Tailsfan101 6/28/18 5 9 eddpmett
6 Return of the Different1 Jacobi 10/10/18 6 7 TheChiScientist
7 What Do You Have To Lose? Tailsfan101 1/2/19 7 11 hippo9
8 The Wait Is Over Tailsfan101 7/9/20 8 7 Things2do
9 I Just Can't Wait! HugoTroop 7/27/20 9 10 BennyTheJett and Tailsfan101 (tie)
10 Double Digits Nydauron 8/13/20 10 7 HugoTroop
11 Gas Gas Gas BennyTheJett 9/1/20 11 3 Three-way tie for first, called due to inactivity
12 Potpourri Lumosityfan 9/12/20 12 8 Tailsfan101
13 Triskaidekaphobia Jaspattack 10/31/20 13 10 HugoTroop
14 Japan HugoTroop 11/13/20 14 10 sciolyperson1
15 Rulers and Revolutionaries HugoTroop 1/20/21 15 8 caitlinwithaC
16 Sweet Sixteen Jaspattack 5/28/21 16 10 HugoTroop
17 This Title Has Been Intentionally Left Blank HugoTroop 6/30/21 17 10 aakoala
18 Birds sciolyperson1 7/11/21 18 8 HugoTroop
19 ??? aakoala 7/31/21 19 3 Malikaow1004
1In game 6, questions were released one at a time over ten days. Unlike other games, the highest score won.