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Welcome to the Science Olympiad Student Center, also known as! Here you can collaborate with students, alumni, tournament staff, and others from the Science Olympiad community on topics regarding all things Science Olympiad! Check out the forums board to discuss ideas, the wiki to grow your knowledge, and the Discord server to talk with others from the community! Over the past two decades, the site has supported students and organizations throughout the nation.

How do I get started?

The main homepage of
 The red squares will take you to the forums. 
 The blue squares will take you to the wiki, test exchange, Discord link, and login page. 

When you first navigate to the site, you will see a homepage with a variety of squares and headers. These take you to various areas around the site.


The forums serve as a way to discuss ideas with the Science Olympiad community in an organized way. Different topics are known as "threads", which may be placed into "sub-forums." Sub-forums group threads by more specific classifications, such as  Build Events > Detector Building C  or  Regionals and States .


Most people that have competed in Science Olympiad have seen the wiki. The wiki is known for having an abundance of the basic information of all the events which serve as a really good diving board for learning more about those respective events. also has Userpages, where users can create custom pages to talk about themselves in any way that they like (that's appropriate obviously). They can be quite bland, such as User:BennyTheJett or quite complicated, such as User:Nydauron or User:Pepperonipi. FAQs

  • Question: Do I need a account to look at the forums? Answer: No, you do not need a account to look at the forum threads. You DO need a account if you plan on posting in any of the threads.
  • Question: How do I edit the Wiki? Answer: Click on the "edit" button at the top of the page while you're logged into your account, and you're able to edit any of the pages. If you are nervous about editing, or unconfident in your skills with BBcode, please see You can always undo your mistakes, and if you get stuck and need help, we have Wiki Moderators to help you get started!
  • Question: When I'm on the forums, I see people with different numbers of stars next to their user names. What do those mean? Answer: The stars simply recognize the numbers of posts that a user has. The criteria for obtaining stars is as follows:

Please note that having fewer stars does NOT make someone less credible. This just means they are newer to the forums, or don't make useful posts very much. "Useful" posts are defined as a post in a competition thread, such as the Scioly in Las Vegas Invitational or an event specific thread, such as Fossils 2020-2021.

  • Question: What is an Exalted Member? How do I get Exalted? Answer: An Exalted Member is a member of the forums that has been recognized by the staff of for their high levels of contributions to the site. These contributions can be editing the wiki, making frequent (but NOT spammy) posts on the forums, and just in general being helpful to the site. There is no criteria for being exalted, as people are exalted on a case-by-case basis. Being exalted is not something that's very easy to obtain, and not very many people have been exalted relative to the number of users on the site.
  • Question: Is associated with national Science Olympiad? Answer: This is a common misconception. is not associated with SOinc, the National Science Olympiad Board, or any other Science Olympiad affiliates. is a privately owned website which is independent from SOinc dedicated for creating a community of people interested in how the world works (forums, chat etc.), as well as creating information to help people get started in Science Olympiad (the wiki).
  • Question: Who is PiBot, and why do they post super weird stuff in the Your Daily Random Comment thread? Answer: PiBot is a Transmutation Hovertruck designed and coded by our very own User: Pepperonipi to manage the wiki and forums for us. His tasks include categorizing wiki pages, condensing tables, and updating old code to new code on the wiki. When PiBot was first created, there was a meme that spread about PiBot taking over the world. A common phrase whenever PiBot would post was "Today the forums, tomorrow the world!".
  • Question: Is a account free? Answer: YES! There is absolutely no charge to have a Scioly account, you just must have an email to get started.

If this hasn't answered any or all of your questions about the site, feel free to PM (private message) any of the staff, and they will gladly answer any question you have!

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