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WikiProject SciOly and

Welcome to WikiProject SciOly and! This is a collaborative community WikiProject dedicated to improving articles about the Science Olympiad program and about

Everyone is welcome to participate in the project, no matter how experienced in wiki editing you are! Editors are always ready to help! (You are always welcome to reach out to editors or wiki moderators for assistance!)


Feel free to add your name below! More than one person can work on the same project at once!

Name Activity Projects
User:pepperonipi Active SO:Editors' Lounge, SO:Bots
User:Booknerd Active Trial Event
User:bernard Active, Members
User:jaspattack Active, Overview of Science Olympiad
User:CookiePie1 Active Overview of Science Olympiad, Science Olympiad Alumni Network
User:Sciolyperson1 Active Members,, Trial Event
User:azboy1910 Active, Daily Random Comment, Trial Event
User:BennyTheJett Active Awards Ceremony, Trial Event
User:builderguy135 Active Impound, Arbitration
User:sneepity Active Tournament, Tournament, Posting Games

New Participants

New participants are always welcome! There is no time commitment to this project, and you may complete as many or as few pages as you would like. Just add your username to the participants list above and have fun! :)

Editing Guidelines/Help

Because wiki pages in this WikiProject are somewhat different from each other, there is no standard editing guidelines for pages.

As a general guideline, each page:

  • should include a decent amount of informative content
  • an introduction
  • an amount of content that fulfill's the page's purpose, or what most people might come to the page for

Useful Templates

Creates a small box on the right of the page showing shortcuts that redirect to the page. Should be used if shortcuts redirect to a page.

Getting Help

Want more help from another editor? No worries, they're happy to help! Please feel free to join the #wiki channel on Discord, message the wiki moderators or admins, post on a talk page/your talk page, or another avenue you're comfortable with!


Please update this table as necessary!

Page Created: Indicates that a page has been made
Introduction: Indicates that there is an introduction for the page's content
Infobox: If the page needs an Infobox, it is on the page
Content: Indicates that the page has the content needed for the page to function
Navbox: Indicates that the page has a relevant Navbox
Page Created Introduction Infobox Content Navbox X X X X X Members - X X X X X Gallery X X X X X Daily Random Comment X X X Games X X X X X Chat X X X X X X X X X X' Lounge X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X hours - X X X X X X - X - X X X X X X X X X X X
Awards Ceremony X X X X X
Impound WIP
General Competition X X X X X
Division D X X X
State Tournament X X X X X
Regional Tournament X X X X X
Arbitration WIP
Trial Event
Science Olympiad Alumni Network WIP
Overview of Science Olympiad WIP