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Your Daily Random Comment is a topic in the Off-Topic Forums section of the General Chat. Users are free to make any post on the thread that follows the forum rules. The first post on this topic that is still visible to all users was made on July 17th, 2008 at 9:20 AM, UTC. Over 27,000 replies have been made, with the number of page views for the topic exceeding 2.1 million. This makes it by far the most popular General Chat forum among users.

Since the thread is true to its name, its posts can vary widely, and a single topic is rarely carried for more than one page. From a single random letter or number to long, involved paragraphs, and from world events to users' everyday lives, posts on just about anything can be found within. Despite being on a forum dedicated to Science Olympiad, SciOly is not a frequent topic of conversation.


In the Summer of 2020, Pepperonipi coded Pi-Bot, a robot that manages the wiki. In addition to managing the wiki, Pi-Bot posts a repost (copy-pasted previous comment) in the thread every 22 hours.