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Jump to: navigation, search started in 1998 and originally had about 10 members subscribed to it. Features included state pages, a question-and-answer panel, a Java chatroom, and even event pages that may have been the forerunners to the present wiki.

Since its formation, many changes have been made to the site in appearance, function, and staffing. This page contains a complete history of the site, complete with pictures and text.


The beginning of the timeline of the site

General Site - First Generation

The first edition of the site was launched in 1998. As seen in the pictures, it included event pages for many events as well as chat and question-and-answer panels.

The first edition of the site
The first wiki - Second Generation

Around 2000, a new layout of the homepage began, hosted by Charles. There were multiple ways to join: one could subscribe directly by email or email the people in charge to request to be added. That board was extremely successful and had 52 pages of topics, 22935 hits, and a live chat twice a week.

The second edition of the site
The original forums/message board
The posting format of the original forums - Third Generation

The homepage of the SOSC (the colloquial name of the forum back then) changed yet again in October of the same year. Even more features were added during the change, including Team of the Week, Editorials, a more organized Event Info, and even Competition by State Info. Team of the Week was written by Linda (who later became a mod in the forums). This board had around 300 topics and almost 22,300 hits. There were five people in charge of the board:

  • Ben: Webmaster, Main Page Design
  • Jim R: Webmaster, Main Page Design
  • Linda: Webmaster, Team of the Week, Editorials, Weekly Sections, News, Photographer
  • Eric: Webmaster, Main Page Design, Logo Design, Trajectory Page
  • Charles: Server and Domain Administrator

They were an enterprising bunch, selling SOSC buttons.

The third edition of the site - Fourth Generation

Around October 2, 2001, they added a bulletin board similar to the current site. This bulletin board had 175 members and 281 topics; it even reached 1,858 posts. There are very few members still around from that time - they include Jim_R, Uncle Fester, Deltahat, and Matthew. This time, the layout changed to a blue one similar to the current one The admins (Jim_R, Linda, and Charles) received easily identifiable colored nicks. This version became very popular, acquiring 1,230 members, 2,208 topics, 36,163 posts, and 363,781 views. In this period of prosperity the OBB board was implemented; this is now known as the OBB archive.

The fourth edition of the site
The bottom of the fourth edition of the site - Fifth Generation

The fifth generation board was created in June 2008. Dark Sabre added new staff for better moderation of the forums; this is when gh, SiegeLord, bah, and eak227, exemplary members of the OBB forums, were honored. Also added were improved chat engines. The board has been ran very smoothly, accumulating 25,000 members, 3,200 topics, and 245,000 posts (and counting). The new site also features a score tracker made by Tehkubix and an image gallery on which pictures are hosted.

In May 2011, general operation of the site was passed on to starpug and robotman09 (now known as robotman). Over the next three years, several staff joined the team: Eaststroudsburg13, RandomPerson, AlphaTauri, foreverphysics, iwonder, Schrodingerscat, and Paradox21. In addition to moderating the forums and wiki, iwonder managed the image gallery while foreverphysics and mnstrviola organized an annual summer resource exchange known as the Scioly Summer Study Session. Along with the announcement of iwonder's promotion to Gallery Administrator, the site upgraded to a new chat client, Kiwi IRC. In August 2014, a quizzing application was added to the site, allowing users to add and answer questions.

The following season, new staff included John Richardsim, bernard, and Unome. In November 2015, general operation of the site was passed on to bernard. John Richardsim brought back the feature of Team of the Week in January 2016, and teams featured in the feature can be found at the Team of the Week Archive.

The home page of the fifth edition of the site
The forums of the fifth edition of the site - Present Generation

The present generation board was created in December 2016. The site transitioned to a new server on December 4th. Under the new site admin, bernard, the homepage, wiki, and forums were redesigned on December 25th, giving the site a cleaner and simpler appearance. The site also moved its default IRC client from Mibbit to KiwiIRC.

The homepage of the present edition of the site
The forums of the present edition of the site

The OBB Archive, Wiki Layout, and Other Things

OBB Archive and Original Wiki

Around April 2006, the SOSC was put to rest and the homepage changed to the OBB forum; the name was then changed to This board reached 10474 members, 177,009 posts, and 9,087 topics. It was then that Dark Sabre was crowned Administrator. This version had tons of great features including a calendar, the present wiki, birthdays, team forums, and collapsible forums.

The OBB archive
The original wiki

Wiki Layout

During the summer of 2010 a new wiki skin was created and implemented to give a single look throughout the site. Users who wish to browse the wiki using the old theme (Kindofblue) may adjust themes in preferences tab along the top of the wiki.

The wiki skin used until summer 2010
The wiki skin used from summer 2010 to January 2014

Board Information

There are many small nuances of the phpBB3 board. The current board is organized into five sections:

  • The Student Forums hold the event help threads and General Chat. The Student Forums are further split into Study Event forums, Lab Event forums, Building Event forums, and General Chat (with the subforums Posting Games and Polling Place)
  • The Competition Forums hold Regional, State, and Nationals Discussions as well as Competition Advertising and News
  • The Administrative Forums house Announcements and Feedback
  • Team Forums has any and all team private forums, which users may request
  • Archives retires past years' event help threads and Competition Forums


Current Staffing

Username Position Special Info
Jim_R Admin (Emeritus) Co-creator of board
Dark Sabre Admin (Emeritus) Co-creator of board
gh Admin (Emeritus)
SiegeLord Admin (Emeritus)
bah Admin (Emeritus)
andrewwski Admin (Emeritus)
starpug Admin (Emeritus)
robotman Admin
zyzzyva98 Admin
EastStroudsburg13 Admin
bernard Admin
Schrodingerscat Admin
iwonder GalleryAdmin
fleet130 Moderator
eak227 Moderator (Emeritus)
ZekeBud Moderator (Emeritus)
jander14indoor Moderator (Emeritus)
rocketman1555 Moderator (Emeritus)
RandomPerson Moderator (Emeritus)
AlphaTauri Moderator
Unome Moderator
Paradox21 Moderator
foreverphysics Moderator
Person Moderator
windu34 Moderator
pikachu4919 Moderator
Adi1008 Moderator
Luo WikiMod (Emeritus)
mnstrviola WikiMod
John Richardsim WikiMod
NeilMehta WikiMod
Aia GalleryMod (Emeritus) Powers in gallery

Staffing Additions History

gh, bah, and Siegelord were promoted to Administrator positions.

Zekebud was added as a Moderator on April 6, 2009.

andrewwski was added as an Administrator on April 6, 2009.

jander14indoor was added as a Moderator.

fleet130 was added as a Moderator.

Starpug was added as a WikiMod on April 6, 2009.

Robotman09 was added as a WikiMod on January 23, 2010.

Aia was added as a Gallery Mod around May 1, 2010.

Both Starpug and Robotman09 were promoted to Forum Mods on March 31, 2011.

starpug and robotman09 were promoted to Administrators on May 30, 2011.

EASTstroudsburg13 and zyzzyva98 were added as WikiMods on June 13, 2011.

zyzzyva98 and RandomPerson were promoted to Moderators on April 5, 2012.

EASTstroudsburg13 was promoted to Moderator on August 29, 2012.

AlphaTauri was added as a Moderator on September 19, 2012.

zyzzyva98 was promoted to Administrator on October 24, 2012.

foreverphysics was added as WikiMod on March 15, 2013.

iwonder was added as moderator and mnstrviola as WikiMod on September 16, 2013.

iwonder was promoted to Gallery Administrator on December 2, 2013.

EASTstroudsburg13 was promoted to Administrator on February 6, 2014.

Schrodingerscat was added as Moderator on March 9, 2014.

Paradox21 was added as Moderator on June 23, 2014.

foreverphysics was promoted to Moderator on September 7, 2014.

John Richardsim was added as WikiMod on September 7, 2014.

bernard was added as Moderator on May 13, 2015.

bernard was promoted to Administrator on November 9, 2015.

Unome was promoted to WikiMod on March 26, 2016.

Schrodingerscat was promoted to administrator, Unome was promoted to Moderator, and Person was promoted to WikiMod on September 5th, 2017.

Person was promoted to Moderator; windu34, pikachu4919, and Adi1008 were added as Moderators; and NeilMehta was added as WikiMod on June 25, 2018



On the forums, there is a star system based off of "useful" post count. Any posts not made in General Chat and its subforum Posting Games count as "useful."

1 star: any registered member

2 stars: 10 "useful" posts or more

3 stars: 50 "useful" posts or more

4 stars: 150 "useful" posts or more OR Exalted Members

5 stars: Moderators

6 stars: Administrators


There are a few ways to earn medals: contribution to the forums and wiki, contribution to the Image Gallery, and code contribution to the site. Medalled members are considered Exalted Members.

Exalted Members
Username Date of Award Reason
Aia Image Gallery
rocketman1555 Wiki
eyeball138 Wiki
sachleen** Wiki/Score Tracker
haven chuck
kentuckyfan1001 Jan 2013 Wiki
starpug Wiki
Mr. Cool
robotman Wiki
Nerd95 Dec 2013 Test Exchange
cypressfalls Robert** Image Gallery/Wiki
blue cobra
49ers Jan 2013 Wiki
AlphaTauri April 2012 Tests
zyzzyva98 Wiki
prelude to death
fishman100 Dec 2011 Wiki
mnstrviola* Dec 2011, Jan 2013 Wiki (x2)
Schrodingerscat** Aug 2012, May 2013, Dec 2013 Forums, Gallery, Wiki
mrsteven May 2013 Gallery
NYLHVSSO Aug 2011 Wiki
Luo** Aug 2011, Apr 2012, Jan 2013 Wiki (x3)
twototwenty Dec 2012 Wiki
foreverphysics* Apr 2012, Jan 2013 Tests, Wiki
SilverNight Jan 2013 Wiki
syo_astro* Aug 2012, Nov 2013, June 2018 Forums, General
sciencegeek999 Jan 2013 Wiki
knittingfrenzy18 Feb 2013 Wiki
Briscon Feb 2013 Wiki
UQOnyx Dec 2013 Wiki (Boomilever)
Voltage Apr 2014 Wiki
John Richardsim* Jun 2014, Aug 2014 Wiki, Quizzing
balsa Aug 2014 Quizzing
bernard* Aug 2014, Dec 2014 Wiki
Unome* Dec 2014, Sept 2015 Wiki
trentomology1999 Dec 2014 Wiki
SOnerd* Sept 2015 Wiki (Entomology)
finagle29 Sept 2015 Wiki
Bazinga+ Aug 2016 Forums
dragon_fruit35* Aug 2016, September 2017 Wiki
Magikarpmaster629* Aug 2016, May 2017 Wiki (2x), Quizzing
Person Aug 2016 Wiki
sciduck Aug 2016 Wiki
Skink Aug 2016 Forums
Techsam Aug 2016 Wiki
windu34 Aug 2016 Forums, Wiki
azuritemalachite Feb 2017 Wiki
PacificGoldenPlover Feb 2017 Wiki
JasperKota* May 2017, September 2017 Wiki
pikachu4919 May 2017 Wiki
Tailsfan101 May 2017, June 2018 Wiki
NeilMehta* May 2017, September 2017 Test Exchange, Wiki
raxu* September 2017* Wiki
Catty6052 September 2017 Wiki
Tesel September 2017 Wiki
dxu46* September 2017, January 2018 Wiki
Raleway September 2017 Wiki
whythelongface* September 2017, January 2018 Wiki
antoine_ego September 2017 Wiki
ScienceOlympian September 2017 Wiki
dcrxcode September 2017 Wiki
Lumosityfan September 2017 Forums, Wiki
alip26 January 2018 Wiki
Adi1008 January 2018 Wiki
Riptide June 2018 Wiki
UTF-8 U+6211 U+662F June 2018 Wiki
venules June 2018 Wiki
Jaspattack June 2018 Wiki
*indicates additional awards, records for specific awards are incomplete before Aug 2011


All info came from the Way Back Machine

First Generation: First Generation Site, First Generation Wiki

Second Generation: Second Generation Site, Second Generation Forum

Third Generation: Third Generation Site

Fourth Generation: Fourth Generation Site

Fifth Generation: Fifth Generation Site