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What does a navbox look like, and which pages need them? -CookiePie1

A Navbox is a navigation box that goes at the bottom of a page. It has links to other similar articles on a subject and allows users to navigate quickly between pages. As for the pages that need them, it depends. Pages in this project will likely use Template:SO Navbox or a similar one for that I have yet to make. Tournament pages like Southwest Missouri Regional will have a navbox at the bottom with all the tournaments in a given state, while event pages may have a navbox at the bottom based on their topic. (Also just as a general reminder - you can sign your name on a talk page by typing four tildes (~~~~) or pressing the signature button at the top of the edit box. This gives other users a link to your userpage and talk page!) --jaspattack 🧬 (talk) 15:40, 14 October 2020 (UTC)