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About Sciolylover13

Sciolylover13 is an 9th grade student at Auburn Jr. High School.She is interested mostly in biology events. However, she has made it a point to do one build event every year. She also sometimes does chemistry events. She is a self-proclaimed nerd.

Fun Fact: Sciolylover's dream is to go to Columbia University. She knows that this is highly unlikely. In the event that this is not possible, she would like to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a 1st year student, instead of going to college.


2013-2014 School Year (6th)

I did 2 events this year. My team (Drake Middle School) did not make it to Nationals, but the school we feed into did. I was an alternate for this school (AJHS).

Regionals: Anatomy-2nd, CJAP-??, Rotor Egg Drop-DQ

State: Anatomy-2nd, Rotor Egg Drop-2nd

Nationals: Air Trajectory-9th

2014-2015 School Year (7th)

I did 4 events this year. My team again did not make it to nationals, but I was an alternate for AJHS.

Regionals: Anatomy-2nd, CJAP-??, Air Trajectory-1st, Green Generation-3rd

State: Anatomy-2nd, Air Traj-1st, Green-3rd, CJAP-4th

Nats: GPS-DQ'ed

2015-2016 School Year (8th)

This year I moved up to AJHS.

I am doing 4 events: Air Traj, Anatomy, Crime Busters, and Green Generation.




Invitational Results


Booth: I don't remember...

I also don't remember any other invitationals I went to in 6th grade...


Friendship Christian: I remember I got 3 4th places, but I don't remember in which events...

Dodgen: I don't remember!!!!!!


So far:

Chattahoochee: CB: 2nd, Anatomy: 4th, Green Generation: 6th, Experimental Design (fill in event): 15th

Yeah... I have a bit of a short term memory