Sierra Vista Middle School (Orange County)

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Sierra Vista Middle School (Orange County)
Location 2 Liberty
Irvine, CA
Member of SO since We really don't know. Probably around the early 2000s though.
Teams 4
Feeds to Northwood High School
Results History
Best regional 3rd (2014, 2018-2020)
Best state 9th (2013, 2019)
Best nationals Some day we will get up there :)

Sierra Vista Middle School is a Division B school in Irvine, California. The City of Irvine is located about 40 or so miles southeast of the city of Los Angeles, CA and also 14 miles southeast from Disneyland. For the past years, we have competed in the Orange County Regional Competition and the Southern California State Competition along with invitationals including Ladera Vista Invitational, Mesa-Robles Invitationals, and Kraemer Invitationals. For the past few years, we have placed at a consistent 3rd place in the regional competitions. Our team is known as the 'spirit team' because when our one teammates compete in events that are available for public view (build events), the whole team is there to support the teammates who are competing. Although we care very much about our scoring and ranking high, we prioritize our SAFETY, FUN, and LEARNING. We think in a positive manner: if we might have failed, at least we know what to improve on, so that next time we could be better, and in this school, this thinking motivates us to propel us through our Science Olympiad careers. We do not want our school to be a discouraging club where if one does not meet others' expectations they can get teased and bullied on, we want the students of this school to always feel safe and free to "explore the world of science".



Year BEARSO UT Dodgen Belleville Mini Lake Braddock Camas Pearl City Rustin Socorro Solon STEMBoost Harvard-Brown Sierra Vista Eagle Kennedy UMich Springhouse Troy Marquette Uni
2021 6th 7th 2nd 4th 1st 6th (Mixed) 5th (Team 2) 3rd 2nd (Team 2)

Friends, Enemies, and other relations

Although we say we have a rivalry with Jeffrey Trail Middle School, we help each other out, so that both teams could do a great job in competitions against other schools. In addition, we have friendly relations with the other Irvine teams like Rancho San Joaquin and the coaches and the students both talked to each other about how Science Olympiad is the most efficiently run so that one day Sierra Vista could go to Nationals. Other Orange County schools such as Brea, Ladera Vista (they have Vista in their name as well!), and Fisler have good relations with us and we always try to maintain it. If you ever see us playing dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, or other sports, don't be scared to jump in, come and play with us! :)

Our Program

Our program had 33 members for the 2017-18 season, and increased to 36 members for the 2018-2019 season. In the 2019-2020 season, we had 37 members! And now, in the 2020-2021 season, we have 72 members! We have an amazing support team that helps the competition team get their supplies in order to compete well. We are one of the teams with the strongest support teams. Also, our amazing parents help us carry loads of material to competitions and give inputs on what is wise to do in order to compete well. We would also like to thank Mr.Mathot and Ms. Morgan, who organized Science Olympiad in Sierra Vista and made it possible for this competition to exist in this school. In addition, the two co-captains that we have, always give inspiring speeches that give the students the courage to compete hard, and also happiness when the students are feeling down or depressed.

For the past few years, we always went to the Southern California Science Olympiad Competition, and all of those experiences helped us have fun and learn academically and morally. Unfortunately, this competition was cancelled in 2020, but the team is looking for a top 5 finish in the 2020-2021 season.

In our team, a value we always stress is teamwork and making sure to have fun. While we all work hard and focus on succeeding in our events, we do our best to have a good time working together with our teammates. After all, we are all a bunch of science nerds clustered together in a classroom. It is inevitable that we share the same interests and fall into a state of mutual nerdiness! Competitions are always a time of team bonding, and we're known as the "Spirit School."

Spread positivity. :D Remember always have fun, be safe, and be happy, or there is no point in Science Olympiad. - Harrison Cho, member of Sierra Vista Science Olympiad, 2017-2019

Sierra Vista Invitational

We hope to host an invitational in the 2020-2021 season. All Division B schools are welcome to come and have fun in the spirit of competition.

Members, past and present (future members will be added as soon as time travel is possible)

The following members are or were part of the dankest Scioly crew in Irvine, California, and the whole U.S. and all of North America and all of the Western Hemisphere and all of the Northern Hemisphere and the entire planet and the entire solar system and in the Milky Way and in the entire Local Group and the entire Virgo Supercluster and the entire observable universe. Advancing to a multiversal scale, Sierra Vista boasts the dankest programs in every universe.

Team Captains:

Way2Phet -2015/16
Kenshi takahashi -2016/17
knowthewrightstuff -2017/18
K.tofu.scioly -2017/18


Director of Relations:

M_mo 612 -2015/16
Harrison Cho - 2017-2019


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