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Solar Power is a trial event run for Division B and Division C in the 2022 and 2023 seasons. It was also a National Trial Event in 2018 and 2023 for Division B.

The Event

Teams may bring one three-ring binder of any size to this event, with information from any source that may be removed at any time. This event does not feature an impound period - competitors should arrive at the event with their solar device, graphs and tables, binder, and other supplies such as calculators. Calculators of any type may be used. Event supervisors will supply the water, a beaker, and probes/thermometers. Teams must calibrate their device prior to competition, producing graphs and tables as well as a diagram of the device. However, while any number of graphs and charts can be submitted, only four will count towards the team's score.


The Competition


2023 Version in Rules Manual
Event Supervisor's Guide
Solar Power Score Sheet
Solar Power Team Checklist
Example Graph (.xls)

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