Solon High School

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Solon High School
Location 33600 Inwood Dr
Solon, OH 44139
State OhioFlag.png Ohio
Solon High School is located in Ohio
Solon High School
Solon High School

Coordinates: 41°22′40″N 81°26′28″W / 41.3777°N 81.4410°W / 41.3777; -81.4410

Member of SO since 1992
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2006, 2008-2015, 2017-2019
Best state 1st, 1995, 1997, 2002, 2010, 2012-2014, 2016, 2019, 2022
Best nationals 1st, 1998, 2011-2013
Social Media
Website Team Website

Solon High School, located in Ohio, is one of the most successful teams in the nation. They have placed consistently at the regional, state, and national level for the last 20+ years. Their team website can be accessed here. Currently, Solon claims eight state titles and four national titles; Solon High School, along with Troy High School of California, are the only two high school teams that have won 3 consecutive titles.


Solon High School first won the national tournament in 1998 with 675 points (the old scoring system was implemented at the time) at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, beating out Fort Collins High School (651 pts) and Troy High School (649 pts) that year.

In 2011, along with Solon Middle School, Solon High School was able to win the national tournament for the second time at University of Wisconsin. With a score of 197 points, they edged out Centerville High School (203 pts) and West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South (235 pts). This is the first time since 1990 that a single school district won both Division B & C of the National Tournament. For their successes in 2011, the high school received a proclamation from the mayor, and a state resolution from the Ohio House of Representatives.

The following year, the team scored 1st at the 2012 National Science Olympiad Tournament at the University of Central Florida, their third Division C National Championship. They scored a record-low 158 pts, beating out Troy High School (186 pts) and Grand Haven High School (235 pts). They repeated as national champions along with Solon Middle School, the first this has happened since Irmo Middle School and Irmo High School repeated as national champions.

At the 2013 National Science Olympiad Tournament at Wright State University, Solon High School scored 178 points and repeated another first place finish with Solon Middle School. They beat out Harriton High School (246 pts) and Troy High School (248 pts). This was the first time in Science Olympiad history that the same school district has won both the Division B & Division C Science Olympiad National Tournaments for three consecutive years. Later the same year, Google Inc. named the city of Solon the digital capital of Ohio and conferred the 2013 eCITY award for Solon's "Science Olympiad-winning students" and its online business community.

They also placed 2nd in both 2003 at The Ohio State University and 2008 at George Washington University.

Currently, Solon High School holds the record for lowest points scored at a National Tournament (158 pts) and the record for lowest points scored at Ohio's State Tournament (52 pts).

Team Setup

Often, many students formerly from Solon Middle School participate in the SO program at Solon High School. The middle school and high school teams interact on a consistent basis, maintaining close relations and supporting each other in terms of resources and motivation.

The high school team, unlike the middle school team, does not cut students initially. However, they do have event tryouts in order to determine which students are strong in each event; these tryouts primarily influence who gets to go to the first invitational competitions. Most years, the Solon High School SO program has around 30-50 students participating. Solon usually takes two teams to Regionals and most invitational competitions. Eventually, that number is cut to 15 competitors plus around 4-6 alternates, as only one team from a school can be taken to states.

The high school team maintains a friendly relationship with Centerville High School, Mentor High School, Liberal Arts and Science Academy, Harriton High School, Penncrest High School, Fayetteville-Manlius High School, and New Trier High School.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

  • Solon High School is a traditional public high school.
  • Solon High School does not have a class for Science Olympiad.
  • The team only conducts one after school meeting per week for 30 minutes; there are no set planned periods. Most work is done independently.
  • During the invitational season, Solon does not have a 1st or 2nd team; Solon does not 'stack' its teams during the invitational season.
  • There are at most two parent chaperones throughout the course of the season.
  • It is unusual for Solon to carry more than 6 alternates on a team.

Invitational Season

Because Solon High School regularly attends six or more invitationals, it often faces many teams that have been to nationals before.

The following are some teams that Solon has competed against during the invitational season (not counting virtual invitationals). Each team's best placing at nationals is in parentheses:

Invitational Tournament Results
Year Northview Northmont Athens Westlake Kenston Clearview MIT Wright State Pickerington Mentor WL-S CV Cornell
2019 6th/8th 1st/2nd - 3rd/4th - - - - - - 1st/8th 1st/4th 2nd/12th
2018 4th/8th - - 4th/5th 1st/4th - 6th/15th - - 1st/2nd 1st/3rd - -
2017 2nd/7th - - 2nd/10th 1st/2nd - 4th/7th 3rd/5th - 1st/2nd 1st/3rd - -
2016 5th/13th - - 3rd/9th 2nd/3rd - 2nd/15th 1st/3rd - 1st/4th 3rd/4th - -
2015 1st/6th - - 9th/13th 1st/2nd - 2nd/10th 6th/14th - 3rd/5th 3rd/6th - -
2014 1st/4th - 1st/7th 1st/4th - - - 6th/8th - 1st/4th 3rd/7th - -
2013 1st/2nd 1st/3rd 1st/2nd - - 1st/3rd - 2nd/4th - 1st/4th 1st/2nd - -
2012 - 1st/2nd 1st/2nd - - 1st/2nd - 1st/2nd - 1st/2nd 1st/2nd - -
2011 - 1st/3rd - - 1st/2nd 2nd/3rd - - - 1st/2nd 2nd/3rd - -
2010 - 1st/3rd - - 1st/2nd - - - 1st/4th 1st/2nd 2nd/3rd - -
2009 - 2nd/3rd - - 1st/3rd - - - 2nd/5th 1st/2nd 1st/3rd - -

Solon Invitational

The Solon Science Olympiad Invitational, which typically occurs on the first Saturday of February each year, has historically attracted many competitive teams from the Midwest, and occasionally teams from other parts of the nation. The invitational offers all 23 events and usually has 1-2 trial events.

Each event is run by one school, which writes the test or sets up the mechanical rubrics, and 1-2 schools assisting in that event. The first events start typically around 9:30 and end at roughly 2:30, with 10 minutes in between each event. Often times, in the auditorium, video games are set up to pass the time. The awards start anywhere from 3:00 to 4:30, and large medals are given for 1st through 3rd place, while small medals are given for 4th through 6th place.

In 2012, three Ohio state supervisors (Fermi Questions, Robot Arm, Sounds of Music) ran events at the Solon Invitational. In 2013, the Ohio state supervisor for Robot Arm and one of the National Forestry supervisors ran the respective events at the Solon Invitational. Solon competitors do not claim medals or trophies at this competition.

Several national powerhouses currently attend the Solon Invitational:

Teams which have attended in the past:

Historically Solon Invitational has been one of the most competitive in the nation - this is especially true of the period from 2011 to 2014.

Results History

Solon has been a perennial contender for the Nationals title. Since 1995, Solon has only missed nationals three times, in 2007, 2009, and 2015. Here are the results since 1992:

Year National Points State Points Regional Points
2022 5th 259 1st 59 1st/2nd 71/85
2021 4th 188 2nd 49
2020 Cancelled due to 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak 1st/2nd 72
2019 2nd 276 1st 77 1st/2nd 79/90
2018 4th 229 2nd 83 1st/2nd 57
2017 3rd 211 2nd 95 1st/3rd 76
2016 7th 301 1st 106 3rd/4th 95
2015 - - 4th 149 1st/3rd 75
2014 5th 302 1st 73 1st/7th 71
2013 1st 178 1st 522 1st/2nd 67
2012 1st 1581 1st 68 1st/2nd 65
2011 1st 197 2nd 923 1st/2nd 78
2010 3rd 268 1st 78 1st/2nd 82
2009 - - 3rd 135 1st/3rd
2008 2nd 224 2nd 91 1st/3rd 79
2007 - - 3rd 2nd/3rd
2006 7th 352 2nd 144 1st/?
2005 8th 402 2nd
2004 5th 337 2nd
2003 2nd 272 2nd
2002 3rd 336 1st
2001 7th 412 2nd
2000 5th 625 2nd
1999 10th 485 2nd
1998 1st 675 2nd 1st
1997 7th 257 1st
1996 4th 313 2nd
1995 27th 1st
1994 - - 3rd
1993 - - 3rd
1992 - - 3rd

1: National Record for lowest points ever scored at the National Tournament.
2: Former state Record for lowest points ever scored in the state of Ohio.
3: The Towers event was considered a Trial Event at the State Tournament.