Southeast Pennsylvania Regional North

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Southeast Pennsylvania Regional North
State Pennsylvania
Location St. Joseph's University
Year Started 2020
Date Saturday, March 21, 2020
B Champion
C Champion

The Southeast North regional is held at St. Joseph's University. It is the newest region in Pennsylvania, splitting off from the Southeast South region in 2020.

The region serves Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties in C Division. It does not currently serve B Division, making it the first single-division regional in Pennsylvania.


This region formed in 2020, when the number of teams in the C Division for the Southeast region was exceeding the capacity at Neumann University. To remedy this, a new C Division-Only region was created for teams from Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, as well as teams from Bucks County, which had competed in the Central East region in 2019. As of 2020, no B Division teams compete in the Southeast North regional, as the number of B Division teams in the Southeast region does not yet exceed the capacity of Neumann University to host them.

Past Regional Champions

This is a record of the past Regionals champions and runners up, and their respective places at the state competition. Scores at the regional competition may be shown in parentheses.

Southeast Regional results from before 2019 are shown in the table on the Southeast Pennsylvania Regional South page.

Division C Results
Year Division C Champion C Champ States Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up States Place Division C Third Place Division C Third Place States Place

% Denotes that the team qualified for Nationals

Active Teams

NOTE: This is a list of all teams that registered for the 2020 version of this regional. For a more complete list of all teams that have competed in this regional, please see Pennsylvania#Teams.

Division B

To Be Announced

Division C

To Be Announced


B Scores
C Scores

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