Southwest Mississippi Regional

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Southwest Mississippi Regional
State Mississippi
Location Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Date February 15th, 2020
B Champion Germantown Middle School
C Champion Cathedral High School

The Southwest Mississippi Regional is a regional tournament in Mississippi held at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Natchez, MS, that serves the state's southwest area. Only 14 or 15 events are usually run per division.


Division B

Division B Results
Year Division B Champion B Champ States Place Division B Runner-up Division B Runner-up States Place Division B Third Place Division B Third Place States Place
2015 North Pike Middle School (31) 3rd (192) Parklane Academy (37) 6th (215) West Marion Junior High School (40) 9th (241)
2016 Germantown Middle School (41) 1st (156) North Pike Middle School (47) 2nd (174) Bailey APAC Middle School (51) 11th (212)
2017 Cathedral Middle School (32) 4th (175) Parklane Academy (36) 2nd (146) Germantown Middle School (47) 1st (119)
2018 Germantown Middle School (32) 1st (103) Cathedral Middle School (35) 9th (211) Parklane Academy (50) 2nd (170)
2019 Germantown Middle School (23) 1st (81) Parklane Academy (30) 3rd (130) Bailey APAC Middle School (42) 14th (371)

Division C

Division C Results
Year Division C Champion C Champ States Place Division C Runner-up Division C Runner-up States Place Division C Third Place Division C Third Place States Place
2015 North Pike High School (40) 8th (229) Parklane Academy (41) 3rd (181) Cathedral High School (45) 2nd (156)
2016 North Pike High School (53) 6th (210) Cathedral High School (55) 2nd (151) Clinton High School (57) 4th (189)
2017 Cathedral High School (24) 1st (103) Northwest Rankin High School (35) 7th (220) Parklane Academy (43) 9th (233)
2018 Cathedral High School (28) 1st (98) Parklane Academy (46) 4th (165) Northwest Rankin High School (52) 9th (223)
2019 Cathedral High School (27) 1st (124) Northwest Rankin High School (45) 3rd (149) Parklane Academy (46) 8th (192)

Active Teams

Division B

Bailey APAC Middle School
Brandon Middle School
Germantown Middle School
Parklane Academy

Division C

Cathedral High School
Clinton High School
Madison Ridgeland Academy
Natchez Early College Academy
Northwest Rankin High School
Parklane Academy
Sumner Hill Junior High School
Wilkinson County Christian Academy

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