Stephen F. Austin High School

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Stephen F. Austin High School
Member of SO since 2013
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2021, 2019, 2014
Best state 4th, 2021, 2019
Best nationals N/A


Stephen F. Austin High School, located in Sugar Land, Texas, has competed in Science Olympiad since 2013. The organization has been through many ups and downs since its inception but recently made history with a 4th place finish at the Texas State Tournament, earning its first state trophy. It is often colloquially referred to as "Sugar Land Austin," so it is not confused with teams from Austin, Texas. It is in the same district as William P. Clements High School and gets part of its student body from Sartartia Middle School, who also competes in Science Olympiad. The team website can be accessed here.

Results History

Year State Points Regional Points
2021 4th 66 1st 39
2020 N/A^ N/A^ 1st 54
2019 4th 153 1st 64
2018 5th 189 5th 138
2017 14th 300 2nd 59
2016 7th 229 - -
2015 5th 189 - -
2014 7th 200 1st -
2013 9th 267 4th -

^Note: The Texas State Tournament was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Medals

Year Overall Placing Medals
2021 4th Astronomy (4th), Chemistry Lab (1st), Disease Detectives (1st), Dynamic Planet (1st), Forensics (4th), Fossils (4th), Geologic Mapping (4th), Machines (2nd), Ornithology (1st), Protein Modeling (3rd), Water Quality (3rd)
2019 4th Circuit Lab (2nd), Code Busters (4th), Designer Genes (4th), Herpetology (4th), Mission Possible (4th), Mousetrap Vehicle (1st), Protein Modeling (1st), We've Got Your Number (2nd), WiFi Lab (4th), Wright Stuff (1st)
2018 5th Herpetology (4th), Materials Science (4th), Mechathlon (1st), Optics (3rd), Science Word (4th), Thermodynamics (3rd)
2017 14th Chemistry Lab (3rd)
2016 7th Game On (1st), Invasive Species (3rd), Roller Coaster (4th), Science Word (1st), We've Got Your Number (3rd), Wright Stuff (4th)
2015 5th Entomology (2nd), Food Science (4th), Forensics (3rd), Geologic Mapping (4th), Green Generation (4th), We've Got Your Number (4th), Write It Do It (1st)
2014 7th Circuit Lab (4th), Compound Machines (4th), Fermi Questions (4th), Fossils (1st), Write It Do It (1st)
2013 9th Designer Genes (3rd), Write It Do It (1st)

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