Stone Mountain High School

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Stone Mountain High School
Results History
Best state 1st
Best nationals 3rd, 1990

Stone Mountain High School was a national-qualifying team (and likely perennial state champion, although results from this time period are not known) in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their third place finish at the 1990 National Tournament is the best performance of any Georgia Division C team at a national tournament.

Tournament Results

Year National State Regional
1989 26th
1990 3rd
1991 13th
1992 5th
1993 10th 1st
1994 18th 1st
1995 -
1996 29th

National Tournament Medals

Year Medals
1996 Qualitative Analysis (2nd)
1994 Qualitative Analysis (4th), Balancing Equations (5th), Metric Mastery (5th)
1993 Metric Estimation (2nd), Anatomy (3rd), Road Rally (4th), Measurement (6th), Name That Organism (6th)
1992 Anatomy (2nd), Metric Estimation (2nd), Pentathlon (2nd), Don't Bug Me (3rd), Measurement (3rd), Circuit Lab (4th), Road Rally (4th)
1991 Scrambler (3rd), Pentathlon (4th), Get Your Bearing (5th)
1990 Unknown1
1989 Sounds of Music (1st), Qualitative Analysis (2nd)
1 Results from this tournament are too incomplete to determine ranks.