Sullivan High School (Indiana)

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Sullivan High School (Indiana)
Member of SO since

Sullivan High School is located in Southwest Indiana and competes in Division C. The Science Olympiad program is somewhat rich in history with many appearances at State. The program has fallen off somewhat in recent years, but will make an appearance at State in 2012 after a several year absence.

School Info

The team is nicknamed the Golden Arrows and the school colors are purple and gold. Approximately 500 students attend the school. The team almost always competes at the Vincennes University Regional. There is a somewhat intense rivalry between Sullivan and Terre Haute South Vigo High School. The rivalry stems from the schools' close proximity, competitive nature, and the limited number of state qualifiers.

About the Team

The 2012 varsity team is composed of 1 freshman, 7 sophomores, 6 juniors, and one senior. They are known far and wide for their somewhat rowdy nature and being quite fun loving. They have been known to sing their fight song whenever the opportunity presents itself. Also, they are the self-proclaimed "blondest team in the state." The 2012 team is very happy to have finished 2nd at Regionals. This includes a small two point victory over the third place Terre Haute South Braves. Furthermore now the Sullivan Arrows expect success at State.