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The Ambox template is a template used to create article message boxes. These can be placed throughout articles to indicate various pieces of information about the article, such as areas that need work, areas that should receive special attention, or suggestions about the administration of an article. They assist both readers and editors in understanding the scope of an article, along with other information.


Type Result


type - the type of ambox
image - the image to use in the ambox
issue - the issue featured in the ambox
fix - the fix featured in the ambox
text - custom text featured in the ambox


Code Result
| type = style
| issue = This page is '''incomplete'''.
| fix = It does not cover all the important aspects of this subject. You can help by adding information where relevant.
| type = info
| image = [[File:Ambox current red.png|40px|link=]]
| issue = This article documents a '''current event'''.
| text = Information may change rapidly as the event progresses. The latest updates to this article may not reflect the most recent information released. If this page is not updated to the most recent standards, feel free to edit it in any capacity. Please remember that Scioly.org is not the official place to get information on tournament changes.
| type = move
| issue = This page has been proposed to be moved to '''Article B'''.
| fix = Please view the proposal on the talk page for more information.

Available Templates

For a list of available amboxes, see Template:Ambox/Index.