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The Box template is a template used to generate a customizable userbox. All parameters are optional, except for logo and info-text.



info-text - the userbox's main text
info-background - the color of the userbox (white by default)
info-size - the size of the userbox's text in points, written in the form of an integer (8 by default)
info-color - the userbox's text color color (black by default)


border-width - the width of the userbox's border in pixels, written in the form of an integer (1 by default}
border-style - sets the userbox's border style (solid by default)
border-color - sets the userbox's border color (black by default)


logo - the userbox's logo, seen to the left. May be an image or text.
logo-background - the logo's background color (gray by default)
logo-size - the logo's size in points, written in the form of an integer (12 by default. Use only for text logos - if the logo is an image, specify the size in pixels like in the examples below.)
logo-color - the logo's color (black by default)


float - sets the userbox's float css property. (left by default)


For more examples of userboxes that use this template, see Category:User Templates.

Code Result
|info-text=This user is boring.}}
MOScioly Logo.png This user is boring.
|info-text=This user competes in Division C.}}
C This user competes in Division C.
|info-text=This user likes to eat pi.}}
π This user likes to eat pi.
|info-text=This user is flashy.
This user is flashy.