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The Coord template provides a standard notation for encoding locations by their latitude and longitude coordinates.


1 - the latitude of the location
2 - the longitude of the location

Optional parameters

Reference wikipedia's documentation for additional parameters.

Finding Coordinates

Do you not know how to find coordinates for an object? This should help:

  1. Understand that for coordinates in North America, longitude should generally be between -130 and -60 and latitude should generally be between 50 and 20
  2. Use a search engine to find the coordinates. For example, "Boca Raton Community High School coordinates".
  3. Get the coordinates from a search result.
  4. Make sure longitude (the bigger number) is negative and latitude (the smaller number) is positive
  5. Discard anything regarding "N", "E", "S", "W" and make sure your coordinates are simply a decimal number (no ', ", or ° characters)


Code Result
{{Location map many | Georgia
| label = Columbus State University
  | coordinates = {{coord|32.502652|-84.942619}}
| label2 = Forsyth Central High School
  | coordinates2 = {{coord|34.21649|-84.14168}}
Coord is located in Georgia
Columbus State University
Columbus State University
Forsyth Central High School
Forsyth Central High School
Coord (Georgia)