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See the related template for en dashes, Template:En.

Adds an em dash (—) inline without additional whitespace. No arguments are required. Using this template may be preferable because different lengths of dashes appear the same in monospace markup: - (hyphen, -) vs. (en dash, –) vs. (em dash, —). See the table below for correct usage of each.


Hyphen - Connecting compounded words (e.g. good-looking, twentieth-century, twenty-two) or breaking long words across multiple lines
En Dash Specifying ranges of values (e.g. 1998–present, 1–10) or distance between locations (e.g. Japan–USA)
Em Dash For creating separation or emphasis in clauses of sentences (e.g. Science Olympiad—the greatest activity ever—defines my life.)


{{em}} - adds a single em dash (—)


Code Result
Science Olympiad{{em}}the greatest activity ever{{em}}defines my life.

Science Olympiad—the greatest activity ever—defines my life.