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This template is intended as a meta template: a template used for constructing other templates


above - Text to put within the uppermost cell of the table.
autoheaders - If this is set to any non-blank value, headers which are not followed by data fields are suppressed.
image(n) - Images to display at the top of the template. Use full image syntax.
header(n) - Text to use as a header in row n.
label(n) - Text to use as a label in row n.
data(n) - Text to display as data in row n.

Additional Parameters

Reference wikipedia's documentation for additional parameters.

Number Ranges

To allow flexibility when the layout of an infobox is changed, it may be helpful when developing an infobox to use non-contiguous numbers for header and label/data rows. Parameters for new rows can then be inserted in future without having to renumber existing parameters. For example:

 | header3  = Section 1
 |  label5  = Label A
 |   data5  = Data A
 |  label7  = Label C
 |   data7  = Data C
 | header10 = Section 2
 |  label12 = Label D
 |   data12 = Data D


Code Result
 | title   = Example: header with & without data
 | headerstyle = background:lightgrey

 | header1 = Header1 with empty section
 |  label2 = label2 text |   data2 =
 |  label3 = label3 text |   data3 =
 |  label4 = label4 text |   data4 =

 | header5 = Header5 with data below
 |  label6 = label6 text |   data6 = Some value
Example: header with & without data
Header1 with empty section
Header5 with data below
label6 textSome value