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This template is used to create a hatnote that references the main article for a given text. It should be used after heading to direct to an article that might be summarized under the heading.

This template should not be used to provide a link to an article that provides further information on a topic, which is the job of Template:Further. Rather, the Main template is great for situations when a body of text summarizes the main topic of another article closely.

This template should not be used in lead sections, because these bodies of text are summaries of the articles that follow them, and thus adding Template:Main would be useless.


Basic usage
All parameters
{{Main|page1|page2|page3| … |l1 = label1|l2 = label2|l3 = label3| … }}

Note: "l1" etc. is the lowercase letter "L" followed by a numeral.


  • {{Main}}
Main article: Main
  • {{Main|Article}}
Main article: Article
  • {{Main|Article#Section}}
Main article: Article#Section
  • {{Main|Article#Section|l1=Custom section label}}
Main article: Custom section label
  • {{Main|Article1|Article2|Article3}}
Main articles: Article1, Article2, and Article3
  • {{Main|Article1|l1=Custom label 1|Article2|l2=Custom label 2}}
Main articles: Custom label 1 and Custom label 2